The United States Championship at Hell in a Cell was set to be defended in a singles match between Baron Corbin and champion AJ Styles, but Tye Dillinger stated his case to Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan during the kickoff show and made it into the match. It was an entertaining Triple Threat contest that saw the Lone Wolf walk out with the patriotic strap.

It was very clear from the beginning that the crowd was behind the Perfect Ten as many believe he deserves a title reign. However, Corbin was not happy that Dillinger had been added to what was supposed to be his solo title shot and he took out his frustrations on him for most of the first part of the match.

Styles decided to get involved in the match as he knew he needed to dictate the pace if he wanted to walk out as the champion. He went after the Lone Wolf, who has been his bitter rival since after Summerslam.

He set up Corbin for the Styles Clash, but the challenger was able to counter out of it. However, Dillinger knocked Corbin to the outside of the ring and turned his attention to Styles and gained the upperhand quickly.

Styles wasted little time turning the momentum back in his favor as he turned the Styles Clash into the Calf Crusher. Just as Dillinger was about to tap out, Corbin somehow helped the Perfect Ten escape the submission move.

The last few moments of the match was back and forth and it looked like Styles was on the verge of retaining the United States Championship. He hit Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm, but Corbin came out of nowhere, kicked the Phenomenal One out of the ring and covered Dillinger to become the new champion.

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