Charlotte returned to Smackdown Live a little over a month ago after her father, Ric Flair, was recovering from a life-threatening battle with an illness that kept him in a hospital for over a month. Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Natalya wasted little time coming out to the ring to confront the four-time champion, who made it known she wanted the title. The two faced off at Hell in a Cell and it was Charlotte who came out victorious by disqualification after Natalya attacked her injured knee with a chair.

The story in this match was who was going to lock in their famous submission moves. Natalya seemed to have the upperhand early in the match as she weakened Charlotte’s legs to possibly set up the Sharpshooter later in the match.

Charlotte was very clearly in a lot of pain after Natalya targeted her knee for most of the early part of the match. She tried to turn the momentum in her favor, but she could not capitalize on her offense due to the pain her left knee.

Natalya quickly took advantage of the hobbled challenger and was showing off after taking Charlotte out on the steel steps outside the ring.

Charlotte finally was able to find some momentum and took a big risk that could have cost her both the match and her career. She took to the top rope and nailed a beautiful moonsault on Natalya, who was outside the ring.

However, Charlotte’s already-injured knee kept her down a little too long and that allowed Natalya to get up. The champion knew she was in a lot of trouble in the match and she picked up a chair and attacked Charlotte, causing a disqualification and leaving the challenger screaming in pain.

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