The feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has been one of the most disappointing of the year and it led to what is being called Nakamura’s worst match ever at Summerslam. The two faced off at Hell in a Cell and fans could only hope that it was the final meeting between these two. Jinder Mahal was able to walk out of Detroit with the championship around his waist.

Despite Nakamura and Mahal having some pretty awful matches as of late, one thing the former is very good at doing is playing head games with his opponents. The Artist decided to do just that by playing the troll and ambling away from the champion mid-match.

This angered the Modern Day Maharaja as he took out his anger on Nakamura, working on his neck and shoulder and trying to weaken him for the Khallas. This accompanied with interference from the Singh Brothers led to Mahal getting the upperhand.

Nakamura started to work back into the match and it looked like the challenger was going to move into the driver’s seat. However, the Singh Brothers got involved once again, but referee Charles Robinson had seen enough and ejected Mahal’s cronies.

While the referee was distracted with the brothers, Nakamura hit Mahal with the Kinshasha, but the distraction was just enough for the champion to kick out. Mahal started to make his way to the back, but Nakamura chased the champion and took him back to the ring.

However, Mahal got just enough of a break to recover and surprise Nakamura with the Khallas. He covered Nakamura for the win to retain the championship.

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