Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on each other ever since Summerslam, when Owens lost the United States Championship to AJ Styles with McMahon as the special guest referee. It finally happened inside Hell in a Cell and Owens got the victory in a brutal match after Sami Zayn helped him get the win.

The match started outside the ring and cell completely as McMahon hit Owens with a baseball slide as he was entering the cage. The bell ring immediately as McMahon had made the match Falls Count Anywhere on Smackdown Live this past Tuesday.

McMahon had the immediate upperhand, but Owens was able to get away from the Smackdown Live Commissioner and get into the cell and lured McMahon in. This was all Owens needed to gain momentum and begin his onslaught of the heir apparent to the WWE throne. Owens even played mind games with Shane O’Mac by mocking his dance in front of McMahon’s children sitting at ringside.

Owens continued his onslaught of the Commissioner and he even took to the top rope and looked to hit a big frog splash. However, McMahon was able to get his foot up and stop the splash and finally turn things around in his favor.

He cracked Owens with rights and started taking out his frustrations on the Prizefighter. He knocked Owens down on the mat and went up top. He leaped off looking for an impressive Shooting Star Press, but Owens moved out of the way and hit his second frog splash attempt.

This led to Owens going for a Pop Up Powerbomb and it looked like the match was over. However, McMahon countered out of the move and locked on a Triangle Choke.

Owens rolled out of the ring, but McMahon squirmed his way along and still had the submission partially locked in. Owens somehow lifted McMahon up and powerbombed him onto the steel steps and took back the momentum.

With the crowd chanting for tables, Owens listened and pulled one from out underneath ring. He set it up against the cell and laid McMahon on it. He looked for a running cannonball, but Owens moved and crashed through the table in a sick spot.

This was just enough for McMahon to roll Owens back in the ring and throw a trash can in as well. Shane O’Mac hit Owens with a Coast-to-Coast and was a referee’s mistake away from winning the match as John Cone accepted Owens’ foot being on the rope to stop the pinfall.

McMahon knew he had to step his game up if he wanted to end Owens so he glanced up to the top of the cell. He rolled out of the ring and after begging the referee to open the door, he grab some bolt cutters and cut his way through the lock.

Owens and McMahon fought their way outside the cell and made their way over to the announcers’ tables. Owens looked to hit McMahon with a frog splash off the barricade, but he glanced up to the top of the cell and had an even crazier idea.

The Prizefighter climbed his way up to the top of the cell and stared at McMahon from 20 feet high. He battled his demons for a minute and ended up not jumping off, but McMahon decided to chase Owens up the cell.

McMahon and Owens started swinging on top of the cell and the Commissioner hit a nasty Russian Leg Sweep and a scoop slam on top of the cell as the cage was barely able to hold. The crowd serenaded the two with chants of “This is Awesome” as they continued to duke it out.

Owens and McMahon flirted with the top of the cage flexing and Owens teasing a powerbomb before being flipped over and hard on to the cell. Owens somehow pulled off a Pop Up Powerbomb and the cell still held up pretty well.

Owens finally started to make his way off the cage, much to the dismay of the fans. However, McMahon followed him down and bounced Owens’ head off the cage, sending him flying off the side of the cage and through the Spanish announce table.

McMahon could have pinned Owens right there, but he was out to prove a point. He cleaned off a second announce table and set Owens up on it. McMahon climbed the cell again and looked to recreate his Wrestlemania 32 Leap of Faith. McMahon flew off the cage, but Owens somehow moved as Shane O’Mac crashed through the table. It was then revealed that Sami Zayn had pulled his real-life best friend off the table.

Zayn put Owens on top of McMahon and he got the pinfall to end Hell in a Cell in shocking fashion.

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