The main event of last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV saw Kevin Owens defeat SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon after an assist from Sami Zayn.

It was a major shocker that off all people it was Sami Zayn who came down to the ring and helped Kevin Owens secure the victory and apparently turned heel.

The turn came when Shane was leaping from the top of the Cell to put Owens through an announce table. Sami came out of nowhere and pulled Owens to safety, causing Shane to crash through the table. Sami then pulled Owens on top of Shane, pulled a referee down to the floor and instructed him to count the pin.

What does this mean? Well afterwards on Talking Smack during an Interview with AJ Styles, we were hinted at the possibility of a match at Survivor Series. Here’s some highlights of the conversation:

AJ Styles commented that he would have been fine with Owens squashing Shane on the table, but wondered why Zayn did what he did. Styles said that there is always a motive to one’s actions, but he is confused by Sami’s actions. He then back-pedals a bit and says that he would support Shane to take on Sami and Owens if he needs a bit of help.

There you have it. Is WWE setting up for a match with Owens/Zayn Vs McMahon/Styles? According to the heel turn of Zayn and the comments from Styles it is certainly seeming so. Where does Zayn go from here? Do you want to see this match at Survivor Series? Let me know below.

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