Can you remember the last time you felt like this after a PPV? Hell in a Cell certainly had its low points, but its highs were the highest in recent memory! The Usos and The New Day put on an incredible Hell in a Cell match before Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon laid it all on the line, only for Sami Zayn to make his impact known.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin defeated The Hype Bros. Grade: B- This was fine for what it was, the two teams put on a standard but good tag team match; both teams did an excellent job of getting the crowd going which is their job on the pre-show. A good win for Gable & Benjamin, while it seems the only direction to go with Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder is a split.

The Usos defeated The New Day in a Hell in a Cell Match to become the New Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Grade: A+ Please just let these two tag teams wrestle forever! As incredible, barbaric, absolutely insane Hell in a Cell match as you’ll ever see. The New Day showed a much more serious side which was needed given the stipulation; all four men took unimaginable amounts of punishment! The New Day look like courageous babyfaces; Xavier Woods never gave up despite taking an absolute battering which kendo sticks, Big E comes out as the protector who did his all to defend his brother; while the Usos come out of this match as the most remorseless, cruel and bloodthirsty duo in the world. My words can’t do this justice, just go and watch it!

Randy Orton defeated Rusev. Grade: B- Perhaps hurt by how good the match before them was, Randy Orton & Rusev did everything right here. While the result will bother many and rightfully so with Rusev suffering another clean loss, the finish was quite cool with Orton setting up for the RKO, only for Rusev to counter brilliantly before falling victim to an RKO out of nowhere. A match that ticked all the boxes, although one must be curious and/or worried what WWE are doing with Rusev right now.

Baron Corbin defeated AJ Styles & Tye Dillinger to become the New United States Champion. Grade: B+ On the Pre-Show Tye Dillinger convinced General Manager Daniel Bryan to make the match a Triple Threat Match. The match started off slow with Corbin dominating proceedings, things quickly picked up however with several clever near falls and great spots. Dillinger looked to tweak his knee, hopefully he’s just selling and is okay. Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Dillinger but Corbin cleared Styles of the ring and steal the victory. Dillinger put in a good showing, hopefully Styles can move onto bigger and better things and Corbin can establish himself as a good US Champion. Good to see Corbin get a champion after blowing tis Money in the Bank Cash In.

Charlotte defeated Natalya by Disqualification but Natalya Retains the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Grade: D+ This was nothing special; it was good to see Natalya target the knee as well as she did, but the entire match was slowly and frankly boring. Natalya is incredibly slow in the ring and Charlotte couldn’t mount enough offence while selling her knee injury. Natalya out of nowhere grabbed a chair and attacked Charlotte after Charlotte hit her signature moonsault. There was no sign and hardly a mention of Carmella as well. Very disappointing.

Fashion Files. Grade: D- Again, horribly disappointing. The biggest highlight here were the pictures on the wall of Cesaro as the Tooth Fairy. The Fashion Police have a new case, and it’s probably the Ascension after Breezango made fun of the Ascension; seeing such a dominant team in NXT portrayed as such a joke here was disappointing also.

Jinder Mahal Retained the WWE Championship defeating Shinsuke Nakamura. Grade: D. This just sucked the life out of everyone; there’s hardly anything to say about this that hasn’t been said, mainly because it was the same as we’ve seen before. The Singh Brothers got involved, the referee threw them out but their distraction was enough for Mahal to reach the ropes after the Kinshasa. Mahal then hit one finishing move for the win. Just awful, Nakamura does not feel special, and neither does the WWE Championship. Just disappointing.

Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler. Grade: C+ Roode had his usual Glorious entrance, and while Ziggler promised a grand entrance he came out to absolutely nothing, and it was perfect! Having him come out to no music, no lights, no gimmick, just a plain walk to the ring was genius! The match itself was relatively slow at first but picked up with some nice spots. Roode won with a roll up by holding the tights which was odd; unless we are heading quickly to a Roode heel turn where he is far better. After the match Ziggler hit a Zig Zag to get some heat back after the loss.

Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell Match after Sami Zayn Saves Kevin Owens. Grade: A+ I have not felt this way after a match in a very long time. From the start, Owens & Shane put on a wonderful Hell in a Cell match! with several incredible spots including a Popup Powerbomb countered into an Arm Bar and into a Triangle Submission, Owens yelling at Shane’s Kids was incredible, the cannonball from the apron through the table, the coast to coast, just incredible! Both men fought on top of the cell only for them to head down and Owens to fall through a table. Shane McMahon went to the top and took the leap of faith through the announce table, but Kevin Owens was saved by none other than Sami Zayn! Zayn saved his former best friend and now bitter enemy and even pulled Owens on for the cover and the victory. Sami Zayn has now essentially turned heel, and it’s a brilliant, potentially career saving move! Either way, Smackdown Love on Tuesday Night cannot be missed. This is professional wrestling at its perfection.

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