WWE created a tournament that aired during January 2017 to crown an inaugural champion. That was an incredible tournament in terms of storyline and in-ring performance. The final match between Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne left everyone breathless. Tyler Bate was crowned the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion after defeating The Bruiserweight. That day, we expected that title belt to be extremely valuable and defended on the main roster. However, our expectations took a weird pathway and we saw few WWE UK Title matches on NXT. That made it special at first and gave us Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne II; where The Bruiserweight won the WWE UK Champion.

Televised title matches for the UK Champion became an eclipse that we can see every three months. Matches between the UK Brand wrestlers are so good, that the WWE Universe need them more often. Sure, the title gets defended in the UK Wrestling circuit, but for that is not accesible to all wrestling fans that are hungry to see them perform. So the WWE need to make it an official thing. Either it’s going to be a permanent NXT midcard title, a main roster secondary title or am exclusive UK Brand Title. But this hybrid weird mix it’s leaving everyone desperate and confused.

The perfect thing to do it’s to make the WWE UK Championship an NXT midcard title that get defended in NXT Specials, in a few NXT televised matches and in house shows. However, the uncertainty is killing the hype. The WWE mentioned that there was going to be a UK exclusive brand on the WWE Network. However, the title gets defended in a few NXT Specials and that’s quite it. We need WWE to decide what’s going to happen with this title belt because the matches are incredible, but the title belt it’s losing value and momentum.

Having the UK Championship as an NXT midcard title will push the NXT Brand and their roster to the level they need. This will translate into a sea of opportunities for many wrestlers in the roster like Oney Lorcan, Alesteir Black, Velveteen Dream, Hideo Itami, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and The Best Kept Secret, Buddy Murphy. These are some talented wrestlers that deserve to hold a title in their resume before getting called up to the main roster. At the same time, it gives value to the title and if they stick with Pete Dunne for a long-term WWE United Kingdom Champion, he will get more rivals that can push him to become the face of NXT in the meantime.

The UK Title in NXT will translate into more merchandise selling, increase of title replicas selling worldwide, more value and prestige to the title belt, NXT roster getting stronger and more competitive, innovative things with the new faces (rivalries), stronger opponents and the possible rise of Pete Dunne as the face of NXT in the future. It’s the more sensical thing to do. The WWE doesn’t need a new exclusive brand right now; but they need to fortify their existing brands like 205 Live. UK Brand it’s an beautiful dream that probably will stay as a dream. But the WWE United Kingdom Championship it’s an existing title with a competitive champion that the WWE Universe deserves to see more often. Do the right thing and make it NXT exclusive for once and prepare to create another wrestling revolution with the UK Brand arriving exclusively to NXT. Do what’s best for business.