The Hounds of Justice are back! The Shield finally reunited in the same city as they formed and broke up, and they caused havoc on Monday Night Raw! We also learnt who would take on Asuka at TLC, and The Cruiserweights main evented the show for the third week in a row when Kalisto took on Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship in a Lumberjack Match.

The Shield Return! Grade: A. The Hounds of Justice are back! The Miz was out giving out his awards once again in what was a very slow segment at first, it was the same as what we have seen before, but things picked up quickly when Roman Reigns interrupted and was joined by his brothers Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. The Shield laid out Curtis Axel, Cesaro & Sheamus and soon surrounded the Miz, planting him with a Triple Powerbomb. An amazing moment, what more is there to say, The Hounds of Justice are back!

Jason Jordan defeated Karl Anderson. Grade: C- I’m all for giving Jason Jordan big wins, but this really made both Anderson & Gallows look pretty bad, their entrance wasn’t even put on TV. A proper feud between Jordan & The Club could be great, but the Good Brothers need to come across as much more dangerous than this.

Kurt Angle announces backstage that the main event of the TLC PPV will be The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Shield in a TLC Match.

Elias defeated Apollo Crews. Grade: C. Elias sung his usual song but was interrupted by Titus O’Neill who sung his own song for Elias, which was equally awful and brilliant. The match was nothing special and nothing that we hadn’t seen before and really wasn’t needed. His feud needs some serious fuel and direction.

Enzo Amore Promo with Kurt Angle. Grade: B. Enzo complained about his no-contact clause last week not being followed and called Kurt Angle to the ring. Angle announced that Enzo won’t defend the Cruiserweight title against Kalisto at TLC, but he will defend it tonight. Enzo demanded that it be in the main event, and Angle agreed but made it a Lumberjack match. this ticked all the boxes and the match makes perfect sense, a Lumberjack match is the perfect stipulation and Enzo demanding the main event slot for the third week in a row is a nice touch.

Braun Strowman defeated Matt Hardy, but The Shield take out Strowman. Grade: A. Strowman dominated the beloved Matt Hardy in what was a great squash match, Hardy had his moments hitting the Twist of Fate but Strowman kicked out at one, after his convincing win, Strowman carried Hardy up the ramp to do more damage but the Shield came out and the Hounds of Justice sought justice by Triple Powerbombing Strowman through the Announce Table! Later in the night the Shield gave an interview & Dean said they’ll take on as many people as they need, so the Miz pitched getting more partners for the TCL match to Kurt Angle and his first choice is now Strowman; Strowman in that match makes it much more competitive and far more intriguing. Regardless, The Shield are causing chaos on Raw again, and it’s perfect.

Mickie James Promo. Grade: B. Mickie James calls out Alexa Bliss for making fun of her age, Alexa Bliss responds by playing a video package of an old vintage VHS again pointing more fun at Mickie. James fires back attacking the champion and standing tall holding the ring as Alexa scurries away. A good fun segment, some don’t like this feud but personally I’ve really enjoyed it; while this wasn’t the best segment of their feud, it was still quite good.

Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher defeated Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali. Grade: D+ This really just wasn’t needed and would have been much better saved for 205 Live where ti could have been given proper attention and time. These four are very talented wrestlers, but they just had no time and nothing to really work with here. With the Cruiserweights main eventing Raw once again, this really wasn’t needed.

Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt & ‘Sister Abigail’ Promo. Grade: D+ Everyone involved just said nothing of note. Balor said nothing new, Wyatt said nothing new, and then ‘Sister Abigail’ was portrayed the exact same as she was last week. In an interview afterwards, Balor sold well the effects and fear Sister Abigail has installed in him, but that’s really hard to believe given the segment.

Emma defeated Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alicia Fox & Dana Brooke to earn the right to face Asuka at TLC. Grade: C+ The match ticked all the boxes but really just fell a little flat, no one, not even the commentators knew it was elimination at first, and the whole thing just felt rushed despite having its good spots. Emma winning is a very nice surprise and hopefully she can have a competitive match at TLC with the Empress of Tomorrow.

Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore to win the Cruiserweight Championship. Grade: A- Enzo had the match won but Mustafa Ali pulled him out of the ring screaming that Enzo doesn’t represent the Cruiserweights. Kalisto hit a Salida Del Sol from the top rope to win! There was a brilliant spot where the lumberjacks started to brawl on the outside of the ring, only for Kalisto to Superplex Enzo from the top rope onto the entire Cruiserweight Division. Fitting that the Cruiserweights main evented the show on the birthday of the late great Eddie Guerrero. The Lumberjack stipulation was perfect implying Enzo couldn’t escape and the Cruiserweights had their chance at The Certified G. This sets up Enzo vs Mustafa Ali brilliantly, and gives the fresh and hot Kalisto the title.

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