The Cruiserweight Division created history yesterday while they main evented WWE Raw for the first time. It was a great match full of emotions. The background story with Kalisto dedicating his match to Eddie Guerrero was brilliant and got many fans to support him. The storyline with Enzo Amore against all the Cruiserweight Division was perfectly worked and it took an excellent pathway yesterday. The 205 Live Division proved that they can succeed as an exclusive brand if given the correct exposition; but they also proved everyone that they can headline a PPV and steal the show.

Since the WWE Universal Championship still in the hands of a part-timer wrestler that won’t appear on the next Raw PPV, the main event should be a title match. Sure, we have the reunion of The Shield and the debut of Bray Wyatt’s alter ego (Sister Abigail); but the main event should be a title in a TLC match to follow the PPV concept. They had the Women’s Division to headline a PPV already. This is the moment to innovate and revolutionize WWE even more. They can leave stereotypes aside even more.

The TLC PPV is the perfect setting to have the Cruiserweight main event a PPV and take a huge step into evolution. The small guys headlining the big shows. This will be huge for the wrestling industry. This is what they need to push 205 Live to the next level and give the Cruiserweight Division the exposition they need to attract people to watch 205 Live weekly. This is their moment. They headline Raw this week. Why not headline TLC?

They have the perfect storyline and competitors to do it. They can have Kalisto defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Enzo Amore and Neville in a TLC triple threat match. That can boost the PPV to another level. Enzo can prove that he can do aerial moves. Neville can prove he’s ready to push his career to the next level. Kalisto can prove he can be the face of an entire division and run the show successfully. The WWE Cruiserweight Championship will gain more prestige, value and momentum. The cruiserweights gain the exposition they need. It’s a win-win situation.

This is what the WWE needs. They want to run 205 Live as an exclusive brand, people to watch their show, sell merchandise and solidify their crowd once again. The storyline and competitors are strong enough to steal the show in the main event of TLC. It’s time for WWE to expose their Cruiserweight Division more and allow their talent to prove the world that wrestling it’s not about muscles, but it’s about talent. 205 Live headlining the TLC PPV is best for business.