Pop Culture has a new interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who was promoting his new book, Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling.

He discussed several hot topics in the wrestling world today, including Roman Reigns’s push in WWE. When asked if WWE should alter Roman Reigns’s push:

“Well, I think you just got to continue to allow him to be pretty good. You know, whenever the time is opportune. He is better than pretty good and a good kid, real good kid. Very committed. There’s nothing you say on TV, there’s no pillow vignettes, let’s change his music, let’s change his hair color, let’s change his outfit. You know, let’s change for change’s sake. Let’s change not knowing the selection, but just change for change sake. Because well, it might work. It might not. Steer the course and not be so wrapped up in getting him accepted as a fan favorite or a villain. I accept him as a star. And that’s what Roman Reigns is, he’s a star.”

There is no doubt that The Big Dog is getting a very huge push as the face of the company. After all he beat 2 icons of WWE clean this year.