The world witnessed the repackage of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan last Tuesday at SmackDown Live. We all were excited to see them together once again. However, this time they took a separate pathway from The Wyatt Family and were promoted as the Bludgeon Brothers. This way, they finally can become their own people and not Bray Wyatt’s eternal sidekicks. This immediately increased the level of competition and value of the SmackDown Tag Team Division. But will WWE finally give the team of Rowan and Harper the Tag Team Champions or will this translate into the end of their tag team run permanently?

We have seen Luke Harper succeed as a singles competitor and in the tag team Division. He won the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt (Free Bird Rule). However, we’ve seen Erick Rowan drown in the jobber list, being written off TV and getting injured when the WWE finally had a plan for him. Sure, together they won the NXT Tag Team Champions; but this isn’t developmental anymore. They had been in the main roster for a while and the creative staff haven’t gave them the Tag Team Titles yet; despite being incredibly great together. They were separated and paired so many times that is becoming to feel like Big Show’s face/heel turn.

Being repackaged as the Bludgeon Brother and giving them a completely separate pathway from The Wyatt Family may translate into their success into the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division. It’s a fresh start in their tag team careers. But for how long? The WWE Creative Staff have plans for the New Day to break the record for number of Tag Team Titles achieved in WWE. Sure, it will look beautiful in your CV to have the SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles; but if WWE want them to succeed in this division, they need to book as a huge threat that dominates the whole division. If they don’t do it that way, it won’t work. So becoming transitional SmackDown Tag Team Champions for 1 month won’t work for The Bludgeon Brothers. This is a situation when they need a long run with the Titles or separating permanently.

They finally got one last chance as a Tag Team and they need to capitalize on this. We all know that Luke Harper is way better than Erick Rowan; but together, they fit perfectly. If this doesn’t work, they may never get another chance working as a tag team in WWE. Luke Harper may circle the midcard permanently as a singles competitor. Not because he’s not good enough, but because WWE Creative Staff won’t write him into the main-event scene. Erick Rowan will probably drown in the jobber list and probably will be released after a few years; despite he’s a great wrestler with a great gimmick.

This is their last chance and WWE should do it right this time. They need to book them correctly as a real threat and the most dominant tag team in the whole SmackDown Live roster or separate them permanently. But they can’t put them as transitional champions because it may kill their WWE careers. They’re amazing together; just do it! Do what’s best for business!