Ring of Honor this week saw World Champion Cody finally sign a contract before defending his Championship against Cheeseburger. Bully Ray teased retirement after the effects of the headshot he took at Death Before Dishonor, and The Kingdom took on Search & Destroy in the main event.

KUSHIDA vs Scorpio Sky ended in a No Contest after Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian interfered. Grade: B. This wasn’t quite the squash match that many expected it to be; KUSHIDA countered an elbow drop from the top rope beautifully into a sequence of arm submissions which was beyond amazing. A really nice match was interrupted by The Addiction attacking both men before Jay Lethal made the save. This feud could potentially be fantastic.

Bully Ray teases retirement. Grade: A Bully Ray entered the ring to no entrance music and no bright lights speaking in a very low and deep voice as he spoke of the effects of Jay Briscoe’s attack. He talked about how serious head trauma is and how he must put his family first for perhaps the first time. Bully Ray teased retirement incredibly well here, and afterwards Mark Briscoe came out and told Bully that he has his back and does not endorse what his brother Jay did.

Bullet Club Promo as Cody signs an ROH Contract. Grade: B. Cody finally signed a ROH Contract with Bullet Club in support along with Father Jackson and Cody’s manager. This was short but sweet and lead well into the next segment. Shane Taylors involvement here was interesting with Cody handing him cash to seemingly be his muscle and protection. Cody bragged that his contract was the most lucrative contract in ROH history.

Cody defends the Ring of Honor World Championship against Cheeseburger. Grade: B+ A really fun impromptu title defence here; Cody wrestled in his suit and the two put together a great match with some great near falls and teases. Cheeseburger never really stood a chance here but regardless this was more than entertaining.

The Kingdom defeated Search & Destroy. Grade: C+ A simple six-man tag team main event here gave the Kingdom another high-profile win. The match fell slightly flat, and the Kingdom won once again with cheating tactics. Perhaps the Bullet Club & Cody segment should have been the main event.

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