The Mount Rushmore of WWE is one topic that many of us have discussed with our friends. Of course, it’s really hard to choose from the sea of incredible wrestling legends just four of them to place them on top of the wrestling industry. Many of us can’t even put it together and end up adding more names because it’s almost impossible to pick just four of them. However, social media exploded yesterday after Ric Flair did the unthinkable. The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, one of the greatest wrestler of all-times, picked his Mount Rushmore and revolutionize the entire Wrestling Community. Ric posted a picture of his different accounts where he placed Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan and himself as the top 4 wrestlers of all-times.

Immediately, everyone started giving their list and opinion regarding this controversial topic. But something felt wrong with this list. There is something missing in this list that needs to be corrected. So, here is my opinion regarding this controversial topic. It was really difficult for me, but here are my WWE’s Mount Rushmore.

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