As most of us fans may think, the Cruiserweight Division hasn’t lived up to the hype since the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and the division may have taken a huge blow if Neville actually did leave the company. There’s been reports confirming that he actually left the company and there has been others where he hasn’t. Now since Enzo is in the division, he remains a questionable draw to viewers. Arguably, the division lacks talent and the division has had very inconsistent booking which has lead to low 205 Live TV ratings and lack of fan interest during the matches on Monday Night RAW. Now can this division bring back some relevancy? Can this division be revived? Well there is a way and here are some ideas Vince should consider.


NXT has some great talent and they actually have a good amount of wrestlers that fit perfectly in the Cruiserweight Division. One guy that comes to mind is “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne. However, he is currently on a tier-two contract where he can compete on WWE and Indys. Scheduling and booking would be a huge problem since Dunne works many events outside of WWE. Once Dunne drops the other belts (Not the UK belt) WWE should negotiate a deal for him to work full-time in WWE. Dunne is currently 23 years old and weighs exactly 205 pounds which is enough to compete in the Cruiswerweight Division. He’s still young and in the prime of his career where he will only get better in his wrestling career. Another reason why Dunne would be a great addition is because he is fully capable of performing a five star match as he has proven many times. Many fans and viewers would definitely look forward to this, especially to fans in the UK.


Other notable wrestlers that WWE could add to the division are Aleister Black, Lio Rush, Tyler Bate and Roderick Strong. Such amazing and talented wrestlers. The only thing that I’m sort of iffy about is putting Aleister Black and Roderick Strong in there in my opinion. They have a lot of potential where they could make a mid-card title run at the least, but right now WWE could really use these call ups desperately the way the division has been booked. All of these wrestlers are great draws, extremely talented and can put up great matches as well.


In my opinion, it would be best if WWE would figure out this situation with Neville. They cannot afford to lose him. If he takes his talents somewhere else, he would amaze lots of fans around the world. This reminds me of a similar situation with Cody Rhodes. Booked very poorly, very talented and took has talents everywhere else and has amazed. Neville could do the same thing, but Vince and Triple H really need to work things out with him. The addition to all of these wrestlers I have mentioned would be huge and if Neville does not leave the company, the Cruiserweight Division would bolster up with talent and improve tremendously.