Since debuting on WWE programming over a year ago with a delightfully fresh and arrogant in-ring persona Bobby Roode’s progression as a WWE superstar has gone from strength to strength, but just how long can his ‘Glorious’ gimmick last?

Whether he was being booed for his crowd-bashing speeches on the mic (as was originally intended) or cheered for his brash, non-apologetic confidence Roode has very much taken advantage of a persona which has played out surprisingly well for him. Match this character with a solid technical skill set and an appealing in-ring style and you have the makings of someone with the potential to go all the way to the top of the mountain in WWE, as many are saying. But the question remains, just how long until the candle fizzles out on the ‘Glorious One’? There’s every possibility fans and creative staff alike will eventually tire of the repetitiveness of his entrance music, as well as the gimmick as a whole. If he isn’t handled in a way that pleases the fans, pretty much all of whom seem to be on his side at the moment, it could spell disaster for the veteran.

However, Roode is exactly that: A veteran. He’s seen dark times in his career before and it wouldn’t surprise me, if the Glorious gimmick eventually does lose steam, that he could rebrand himself and come back even stronger.

Considering the now beloved theme song was originally planned for Shinsuke Nakamura (Thank God that didn’t happen) I’m sure the former NXT champion appreciates that he’s struck metaphorical gold every second he’s able. I for one would be very happy to see the era of the ‘Glorious One’ emerge on the horizon sooner rather than later. The thought of Roode entering a Wrestlemania, silhouetted by spotlight with the WWE title around his waist as Glorious Domination booms around the stadium is a mouth-watering idea to some. Myself included. Assuming, of course, he could topple a certain Modern Day Maharaja…

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