Scott Steiner is arguably the most notorious loud mouths in wrestling history. Everyone can recall or maybe even recite some of his flat out insane remarks, from calling Samoa Joe a “Fat Ass”, to not getting the “sympy” of the people. Of course, the most infamous of his ramblings was the promo he did on a May 2008 edition of TNA Impact, hyping up the triple threat between him, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle at Sacrifice.

I figured it would be about time to dissect and analyze his seemingly flawed Mathematics, one third chance at a time, and show each and every single one of you white trash that despite what your initial reaction might be, Big Poppa Pump packs some brains. For further reference, here is the video:

As we can see, Steiner starts by outlining the obvious fact that in a match, either opponent has equal chances of winning the bout, so it’s 50/50. However, as stated by the Genetic Freak himself, he is no normal mortal. As such, if he were to fight Joe one on one, Joe would roughly have around a 25% chance of beating him on a good day. Therefore, this leaves Steiner with a 75% chance of winning.

Indeed, as mentioned before, the match at Sacrifice is a three way, so the wrestlers’ chances change. Distributed equally, each superstar would have a 33 1/3% chance of winning the bout. Yet, for Steiner, Angle isn’t a valuable opponent and shouldn’t be taken seriously, as he cannot beat Steiner and he won’t even try! Therefore, Steiner gets his 33 1/3% chance, getting a total of 66 2/3%, while Joe only has a mere 33 1/3%.

Having taken all of this into consideration, we, just as Steiner, could treat the match at Sacrifice both as a three way, but also as a singles match, because Kurt Angle is a meaningless variable. Here is where things get tricky. Steiner subtracts both of Samoa Joe’s odds, in the triple threat and the one on one bout, when he should add them up, probably by mistake as we shall see later, or maybe just because he wanted Joe to have as little a chance as possible. So, for the sake of this argument, we shall do Joe justice and add both of his odds as well, which would get Joe’s odds up to 58 1/3%, much better than the 8 1/3% Steiner got. I could only assume that when Steiner was memorizing the promo, he only remembered the 8 at the end, so he figured that only by subtracting he would get to that number.

Regardless, Steiner goes on to add both of his odds, in the triple threat and one on one bout, that is to say, the 75% and 66 2/3%, to get a grand total of 141 and 2/3 chance of winning at Sacrifice! We can see that even with the correct calculations for Joe, Steiner still overpowers his opponent by having almost triple the chance he has. In the end, did the numbers not lie and spell disaster for Joe at Sacrifice? Well…Not really. Steiner lost, but we all know that is because a new variable was introduced in the form of Frankie Kazarian! Holler if you hear that!

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