Wrestling legend Kevin Nash was recently asked on twitter, who would win in an epic 6-man elimination tag match: The Shield or the New World Order? In typical Nash fashion, the wrestler responded: “Shield. The NWO are retired. The NWO are 179 years old collectively”. Indeed, if we take the current timeline, the Shield would probably win, yet what would be the outcome in a fantasy scenario?

If we put the Shield in their prime versus the founding members of the NWO in their prime, that is Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, we would get one hell of a 6-man elimination tag bout. Firstly, let’s look at what would the rivalries be between each of the members. Personally, I would have Roman Reigns be focused on Kevin Nash, Seth Rollins on Hulk Hogan and Dean Ambrose on Scott Hall. Roman would be a good pair for Nash, as both men are tall powerhouses, as well as pushed as main event talents when the crowd did not believe in them. Seth Rollins and Hulk Hogan were both the faces of the company during their respective periods, portraying amazing characters and included in iconic storylines. As for Ambrose and Hall, we can agree upon the fact that they are both the most interesting gimmicks in their teams, the Lunatic Fringe and the Bad Guy.

As we can see, both teams are perfect matches for each other, as for who the match winner would be, I see the match going something like this: Dean Ambrose gets eliminated first by Nash, after which he gets eliminated by Reigns. Reigns would tag in Rollins, who would go on to eliminate Hall, leaving Hogan to face the two. After a good exchange, Rollins gets eliminated by Hogan. Here is where things get interesting. It will be Roman and Hogan face to face, two of the people who were booked as practically supermen, going over pretty much every single superstar they were put against. It is a toss-up. Knowing Vince, he would probably end it all in a draw or with Braun Strowman interfering. Who do you think should win? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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