Drew Mcintyre will be defending his NXT Championship against Adam Cole (BAYBAY) with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee on November 17th. Ring of Honor has an event the same day at the same town they are in so this was an attempt for WWE to bring more attention for wrestling fans to attend the show. Now NXT Takeover WarGames is the very next day, so what if Adam Cole wins the NXT Championship, will we see a change in the main event at Takeover?


In my opinion, NXT is more unpredictable and puts up better matches/shows. With Adam Cole now being a part of NXT, something is telling me that he could actually win the title, which many fans would not expect this. If this does happen, there could be a change for the main event making it a triple threat match for the NXT Championship. It’d be Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Drew Mcintyre vs Adam Cole(c). Arguably this match would be a lot better than the original one. Almas just doesn’t have that main event potential, but that’s just me. The way he has been booked has kind of been crappy and I think he’s a mid carder who needs to work his way to main event status. This feels a little rushed and seems like Triple H didn’t know should face Drew Mcintyre so he hand picked Almas and decided to give him a shot.


Now many fans would say that this would unlikely happen and Adam Cole should wait a little longer, which is agreeable. He’ll probably team up with Kyle O Riley and Bobby Fish at Takeover. However, my gut feeling is telling me that Cole would get a huge push and get the title early. It wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. Cole is extremely talented and entertaining, not to mention he has an amazing resume as a wrestler. The only problem is, you can’t just go to WWE and win the title quickly because you have to earn it.


So overall, it would be best if Mcintyre beats Adam Cole clean. If Cole does win, it has to be dirty with Riley and Fish interfering. Adam Cole needs to wait longer. He will eventually have his time in NXT because it has to be a guarantee thing after Drew Mcintyre is champion. Wouldn’t it be cool though if we have Adam Cole NXT Champion along of having Kyle O Riley and Bobby Fish NXT Tag Team Champions? All former ROH wrestlers champions in NXT and they can take over. It would for sure be entertaining and be a good reason to tune into NXT every week.