If you are expecting originality at Hell in a Cell 2016, then you might not want to tune in and watch. WWE have officially announced that three championships will be on the line at the PPV, and we’ve seen all three matches before.

The first match, which was announced on Raw, is a Hell in a Cell match for the United States Championship. The new champion Roman Reigns will defend the title against former champ Rusev. We’ve seen this match three times already since the week before Summerslam, and all three affairs have been decent bouts but nothing special. Hopefully the Cell match will be worth watching, and not just more of the same.

The other two title matches were announced today on WWE’s twitter. It was confirmed that Charlotte will get her rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship, when she takes on new champion Sasha Banks at HIAC. We’ve seen this match quite a lot on both NXT and Raw, but all of their encounters have been good, so this should be no different. Hopefully this bout will be the end of the former BBF’s rivalry for a bit, and allows more women to challenge for the title.

Finally, the Universal Championship will be on the line, as Kevin Owens defends the title against Seth Rollins. Luckily, we’ve only seen this match once before, and it didn’t quite live up to the hype surrounding the fight. Both men’s talent was not on full display, so let’s pray that this contest is more fitting of Rollins and Owen’s potential.

So, which matches are you looking forward to so far? What other matches are you hoping to see at Hell in a Cell?

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