WWE started a “massive cleaning” in their roster. They have released multiple superstars from NXT and the main roster. Some of the releases make sense. Among those, WWE took a decision that shocked the wrestling world. They decided to release James Ellsworth. Many of you are probably laughing and saying: “It was about damn time!” However, WWE choose poorly by releasing Ellsworth.

Let’s start with the fact that James Ellsworth is pure money; beloved by the fans and a merchandise selling machine. The way he put his face on a T-Shirt and made it the hottest selling one in the WWE was simply brilliant. His action figure was actually selling. Fans supported him!

James caused a reaction every single time he walked through that curtain. People hated him or loved him. There was no indifference regarding James Ellsworth. It was impossible not to care about the guy. His charisma is something incredible. He’s a natural! Every single time James grabbed a microphone, everyone wanted to listen. After he spoke, there was either a massive booing or cheering; but he always caused an impression.

Ellsworth is a terrific wrestler! For the ones that haven’t seen Ellsworth’s work before WWE, you really need to. He can wrestle better than half of the current WWE roster. He is fast and can do many technical wrestling moves that are really entertaining to see. However, WWE did not gave him a real chance of proving how terrific are his in-ring skills.

Every single time James steps in the ring, he tells a story. You feel his emotions! Do you remember when he was facing Braun Strowman? You felt his pain and sufferment. Do you remember when he pinned AJ Styles to earn an opportunity for the WWE Champion? You were shocked and happy. Do you remember when he grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase in the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match? You hated him. He was doing a pretty good job in every single storyline he was involved.

He was recently involved in a few angles that the WWE Universe loved. Among those angles, the first inter-gender match of this era between Becky Lynch and him. Not many wrestlers would have dared to do this. But James didn’t stepped back! He stepped into that ring after delivering a promo that built the match perfectly and along with Becky Lynch, gave everyone an excellent match. He was also involved in multiple beatings by the SmackDown Women’s Division in the WWE Live Shows in Europe. I have not seen a wrestler selling a stunner so well since The Rock sold Stone Cold’s stunners. He sold every single damn move and made those ladies look strong. He did his job perfectly!

He did every single storyline WWE wanted him to do. They did not wanted him in the main roster anymore. Why the hell you release a guy that is pure gold? They could have sent him to 205 Live to push the division even more. Also, they could have sent him to NXT to build him as a credible challenger and send him to 205 Live to compete for the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. 205 Live is struggling in the rating? He is the guy you need. He is the guy that can push your ratings and make 205 Live relevant. Hell, a match between him and Enzo Amore could have been really entertaining. But instead, WWE released.

WWE had gold in their hands and they decided to release him. He never backed up to a challenge and performed his tasks flawlessly. Thank you James Ellsworth, for proving everyone that everybody with two hands has a fighting chance.