The Monday and Tuesday after WrestleMania serve as the start of the “WWE New Year” with the company tending to shuffle things around and prepare for the 12 months until the next year’s WrestleMania. Normally, this results in a multitude of developmental call-ups and Superstars triumphantly returning from injury. However, WWE has realized in the past that they don’t have to wait until mid-April to shake things up a bit with call-ups or other roster moves. Here are 7 roster moves for WWE to make after Survivor Series.

7. Push the Singh Brothers as a Tag Team

I use the term “push” lightly here. Should they team up to dethrone the Usos as Tag Champs on Smackdown Live? No. But should they graduate from being Jinder Mahal’s goons and form a legitimate tag team? Absolutely. To the Jinder Hinderers, the Singh Brothers were easily the best thing during Jinder’s entire reign as WWE Champion. Their character work and RIDICULOUS bumps have earned them an opportunity to show what they can do in the ring as a tag team with the new gimmick of “The Right Hand Men of the Maharaja” instead of “The Bollywood Boys.” And, hey, wouldn’t you know it? This leads nicely into my next point which is……

6. Create a Tag Team Division on 205 Live

Since the conclusion of the Cruiserweight Classic, you were only relevant as a Cruiserweight if you were in contention for the Championship. Even then, “relevant” is an overstatement. Neville brought legitimacy to the Championship, but every other Cruiserweight had zero momentum. No challenger ever seemed to be a threat to the King of the Cruiserweights. If you weren’t one of those wayward challengers, you were stuck in monotonous 5-minute multi-man tag team matches which failed to get anybody over. If WWE wants to put them in teams, then why not make a Cruiserweight tag team division so they’re at least fighting for something? Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann proved to have great chemistry together. Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher have turned into a fun heel mentor-mentee act. Even Kalisto and Akira Tozawa performed excellently together this past week on RAW. This makes the undercard Cruiserweight matches feel more important and separates the midcarders from the Championship contenders, giving the Cruiserweights more of an identity. Speaking of Cruiserweight Championship contenders…

5. Call Up Hideo Itami from NXT to 205 Live

Ok, I can’t take any credit for this. I’ve even mentioned it before. Rumors are hot that Hideo Itami will be making his main roster debut and joining the Cruiserweights shortly after Survivor Series. If this is not the case, then it definitely should be. With Neville’s supposed departure from the division, the Cruiserweight division has lost it’s biggest selling point: a badass heel to rule the roost. Enter, Hideo Itami. His heel work in NXT has helped him get over the hump and has allowed him to become the performer we all hoped the former “KENTA” would be when he signed with WWE 8,000 years ago. He should make for an excellent addition to 205 Live matches with Tozawa, Alexander, and Kalisto are something that I would like to see very, very, very much please.

4. Push the UK Division Until You Can’t Push Anymore…Then Push Them Some More

If you haven’t watched the UK Championship Tournament on the WWE Network, stop reading right now, watch it, then come back. It’s ok, I’ll wait…





WASN’T THAT AWESOME?! I was utterly disappointed when I heard that most of the division would be signed only to part-time contracts so that they could still work the indies. I wanted to see this guys perform every week. It’s starting to look like these contracts are, in fact, turning into full-time contracts for the division, specifically Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven, given their recent appearances on NXT. This is all pointing to the emergence of a weekly show, similar to NXT, featuring the UK Division. That’s great and all, but I say scrap that and bring these three to the main roster immediately. Pete Dunne can defend his UK Championship against anyone can’t he? You didn’t have to be European to hold the European Championship, so why not treat this as the same? I will bet my hypothetical house that Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate main event WrestleMania within the next 5 years. They are too good to not have on RAW or Smackdown Live every week. Bring them in now, Vince.

3. Call Up the Authors of Pain to RAW

The Authors of Pain. They went from two clumsy giants to one of the best parts about NXT. It was a shock to me when they lost their Tag Team Championships to SAnitY last takeover. I thought they would hold those for quite some time. But, the loss of an NXT Championship always seems to trigger a call up. After a good performance at Takeover: War Games, the Rezar, Akam, and Paul Ellering should be brought on to RAW. AOP vs. the Bar or AOP vs. the Shield already has me excited. These two guys have clearly worked hard to improve their in-ring work and they deserve to be rewarded for it.

2. Move Neville to the Heavyweight Division

Word on the street is Neville and WWE are back on good terms and a return by the King of the Cruiserweights is likely to occur later this month. There is a little caveat, however. Neville will no longer be a Cruiserweight. Personally, I always thought Neville, as a performer, was too good for how the Cruiserweight Division was booked. It looks like Neville agrees with this sentiment and wants back in to the main roster picture. Neville is the best type of heel; the heel that is justified in everything he does. When he first came to 205 Live, his whole shtick was “I should have been anointed Champion because I’m the best.” And he was right! He can bring that same edge into the Intercontinental Title picture. Something to the tune of “I proved I was the most dominant Cruiserweight, now I’m going to prove why I shouldn’t have been down there in the first place!” sounds right up Neville’s alley.

1. Call Up Aleister Black to Smackdown Live

Currently, Aleister Black is in the best feud in NXT with the Velveteen Dream. There will be a blowoff match at Takeover: War Games, but where does black go from there? I’ll tell you where. STRAIGHT TO THE TOP! It’s looking like Adam Cole is being groomed to be the next challenger for the NXT Championship and Black is too good to keep in NXT if he’s not gunning for the title. The man is an incredible in-ring talent and his aura and entrance make him ooze charisma while barely saying a word. I won’t say he’s the second coming of the Undertaker, but he’s on a very similar trajectory. Many people might say his debut is best held for the Royal Rumble, but his entrance is too methodical to use as a debut for the Rumble unless he comes in at #1 or #2. That, and he needs a good feud going into WrestleMania, not a debut feud. Also, rumors are that a deal with Ricochet is all but done and he may be debuting at the Rumble…WWE doesn’t want to tarnish that with TOO many surprise Rumble entrants (Kenny Omega anybody?) However, a slugfest Between Black and Baron Corbin, or a Black Mass out of nowhere to Jinder Mahal as an introduction to the main roster? Sign me up.


So that’s what I think the WWE should do after Survivor Series. What roster moves do you think WWE should make after this Sunday? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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