Survivor Series has come and gone and whilst it had many highlights, from The Shield vs The New Day to AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar, the decision to have a 5 man commentary team was not one of them.

Now the running theme of Byron Saxtons career has been the constant insults he receives from his colleagues at the announce table and tonight, once again, he was singled out on several occasions in what can only be described, in any typical workplace, as bullying. Dating back to his time in NXT he was the target of many announcer, commentator and guest wrestlers at the announce table and even had a network show Roadtrip episode based around JBL and Michael Cole leaving him at a gas station because they were so annoyed by him.

Now dont get me wrong.  I understand that it’s mostly part of their characters and it’s put on to be entertaining but for a company to openly promote their own anti bullying Be A Star campaign and then completely ignore what is said on their own programs really seems hypocritical.

I wonder how all this sits with Mauro Ranallo after his run in with perhaps the worst bully in the WWE in JBL? For a company to have so recently gone through such an ordeal where they stood by the bully and Mauro ended leaving the company before returning to commentate NXT, and this was only because of the fan backlash directed at JBL, are they really in a position to basically be promoting bullying?