3. Hulk Hogan

Ohhhhh, Hulkster. You were too good to us. One of the most iconic Superstars of all time, the biggest backstage political figure of all time, and the best “brother” of all time (credit Luke Gallows for bestowing that title to the Hulkster) should absolutely be a Grand Slam Champion, right? WRONG! Hogan captured his first WWF Championship from the aforementioned Iron Sheik and refused to look back. The Immortal One won the WWF and WCW World Championships 6 times each. If it wasn’t the big belt, Hulk didn’t want it. Pretty sound logic for the guy that was the biggest draw of all time. Hogan won his first World Championship in 1984 and didn’t stop hunting gold until 2002, being the last man to hold a WWF World Championship before the company switched to WWE. Other than World Championships, the Hulkster is a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion with Edge, of all people. What a missed booking opportunity to have the guy who’s entrance theme is “Real American” NOT have ever won any kind of United States Championship. Man, the 80’s were weird. Anyways, Hulk is 2 Atomic Leg Drops away from completing the Grand Slam. I mean, he just declared himself Yokozuna’s challenger after Yoko beat Bret Hart at WrestleMania IX and won the WWF Championship then and there. He’s his own Money in the Bank briefcase. Rumors are he may be coming back to WWE in some capacity some time soon. So a Grand Slam isn’t totally out of the cards, Brother.

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