2. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman: SummerSlam; Meltzer Rating: 4.75/5

Yes, I was at the Barclay’s Center live for this match as well. But there is no bias here. 100% this is a Match of the Year candidate. Before the match even started, the crowd popped HUGE for each combatant’s entrance. Yes, even Roman Reigns. That’s how highly anticipated this match was. From the opening bell, pure chaos ensued. Joe had Brock caught in a Coquina Clutch which led to Roman Reigns spearing the living hell out of Brock and through the barricade. Braun then MURDERED Lesnar, putting him through 2 announce tables and then flipping the third on top of him. The Monster Among Men also continued his streak of launching office chairs at his opponents, which never gets old. Brock got stretchered out while the 3 remaining competitors had their time to shine, and the faceoffs between the three were great. Brock made a gutsy return and, after an awesome comeback sequence, hit Reigns with an F-5 for the win. This match was everything we hoped for when the match was announced: pure and utterly beautiful destruction. With those 4 in the ring at the same time, it was impossible for anything else to happen.

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