1. John Cena vs,. AJ Styles: Royal Rumble; Meltzer Rating: 4.75/5

I’m gonna go ahead and say it…I thought this match was better than Omega vs. Okada 1. The second Omega/Okada match is another story, but that’s not the point here. When I watched Cena/AJ, I said to my buddy “that’s the match of the year right there” and it was only January. Styles was capping off the best rookie year in the WWE since Brock Lesnar in 2002-2003. Cena did a full 180 from his feud with The Rock as the part-timer coming in to take on the top star in the company. Styles got the best of Cena in the first meetings, so Cena was out to correct that blemish on his record. Counter after counter after counter made the match incredibly even going into the finishing minutes. And both men dug deep into their offensive arsenal, pulling out moves we don’t see on a regular basis. Personal favorite moments for me were when The Phenomenal One slapped the STF on Cena and when Cena went for a Styles Clash but then transitioned into a Figure Four. Styles hit 2 Styles Clashes, but couldn’t put Cena away who picked AJ out of the air for an AA, then rolled through and hit another AA for the win and Cena’s record-tying 16th World Championship in the Match of the Year. Fight me about it.


What do you think about my list? I’m sure you disagree at some places. And, yes, I’ll moan and groan about it, but I’m interested to what you all thought was the Match of the Year. Let me know in the comments below.

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