1- Finn Balor:

I know everyone want to see Finn as the next Universal Champion; but Vince does not believe in him as the top guy in Raw anymore. This is difficult to hear. Balor’s potential and wrestling IQ is amazing. However, why let him job to Kane and Joe when he can be the top guy somewhere else. How about joining a new brand that was built recently and is looking for a superstar to represent their product? They need a guy that helps them make 205 Live a unique brand. That means a guy that can put asses in the seats, sell tickets, merchandise, attract sponsors and make this new brand the hottest show in the WWE. Balor is their guy!

He already proved he can be on top of the world. He was the first ever Universal Champion; but after getting injured and being a victim of the WWE Creative Staff, he needs a fresh start. 205 Live can be the fresh start Balor needs. Think about it! He needs to prove Vince he can be the face of the company again. Selling-out 205 Live can be the way of proving Vince wrong. Balor is already a superstar. Adding him to 205 Live can assure them a successful brand.

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