The flagship series on WWE television has been somewhat inconsistent of late. Introducing new story lines, new personnel and even new factions. However, the lacklustre story telling has left many of the fans questioning WWE’s motive. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s return offers a new yet predictable future for Monday nights. So what can we expect from the latest episode of Monday Night Raw?

The relatively bland character of Jason Jordan will inevitably show its ugly head. Kurt Angle’s illegitimate (and still not believable) son continuing his feud with his own character and the fans. Whilst Braun Strowman’s rise to glory will continue to be hindered by the ever ageing Kane. A feud that has had its fair share of interesting moments. However, the monster among men seems to be on a warpath with WWE’s hierarchy and their decision not to provide him with some equal competition that the fans rightfully desire.

The Shield and The Bar, two of the best tag team wrestlers in the world will continue their feud for the tag team titles. The back and forth with the belts will hopefully come to a close after this bout. The story between these two has been stuttering along for a very long time. The conclusion is inevitable, with the Shield seemingly looking to take over and leave The Bar stranded.

A rematch between Roman Reigns and The Miz is likely to take place as The Miz didn’t feature on last week’s episode and will be looking to answer Reigns’ open challenge. Whilst The Miz has been one of the stars of 2017, he will undoubtedly fall short to Vince’s prodigy which can only stir the fire under Miz’s promo’s and performances.

Monday Night Raw is bound to offer up some surprising twists and turns in the growing story lines. The few negatives to expect will more than likely arrive from the 205 Live roster, and the limited time they get to show us anything truly inspiring. However, with Hideo Itami’s debut looming, could this be a turning point for the most unpopular show on WWE? I believe tonight will be another of the filler episodes with some interesting matches throughout. It will give the mid to upper card guys like Samoa Joe and Finn Balor an opportunity to really expand on their feuds leading into the next pay-per-view for Raw, The Royal Rumble.

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