Below are the results and reaction to this week’s WWE Raw, live from Oakland, California:

Sasha Banks opens the show

New Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks comes out to open the show. She receives loud “you deserve it” chants from the crowd and then takes to the mic. She references her idol Eddie Guerrero, Trish Stratus and Lita and how they inspired her to make it to WWE. Sasha then discusses her rematch with Charlotte at Hell in a Cell, and decided she wants the match to take place inside the cell. Charlotte then comes out, but is interrupted by Rusev and Lana. All three get in the ring, and Rusev says that nobody cares about the fact that Charlotte and Sasha main-evented Raw. Charlotte takes the mic from his hand and accepts Sasha’s challenge for HIAC. Rusev takes back the mic, but Sasha hits it out of his hand. Lana then gets the mic and calls the two women “whiny like little girls”. Sasha and Charlotte knock her over, Rusev protests and the women kick him out of the ring. He climbs back in, before Roman Reigns comes to the ring. Rusev and his wife leave, while Reigns hold the US belt high.

Rusev and Charlotte vs. Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks is set for later in the night.

“Not a bad segment, but it felt like it dragged on for a while. Sasha and Charlotte both looked good here and them wrestling in a Hell in a Cell makes them look super strong. But, Rusev and Lana looked dumb, and the segment ended with Roman standing tall is too familiar”.

Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro

The New Day come out and cut a typically comedic promo. They call Cesaro suave and handsome, but call Sheamus “hot garbage”. Cesaro’s music hits and as he’s walking out, Sheamus overtakes him. The action starts in the ring, while Sheamus sits on his phone and goes on Facebook Live and ignores the match. Cesaro hits a top rope elbow, and a few uppercuts. Kofi replies with a crossbody. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and then goes for Trouble In Paradise, but misses. Cesaro hits more uppercuts and then a big boot. He then tries to lock Kofi in the Sharpshooter, but Kofi avoids it. Kofi tries a springboard but botches and hits the mat. Cesaro looks to be going for the Swing, but gets distracted by Sheamus, Xavier and Big E fighting outside the ring. Kofi takes advantages, and rolls up Cesaro to win.

Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro.

Cesaro and Sheamus argue after the match.

“A decent bout. Both men looked good, and Sheamus looked like even more of an arse for costing his partner the match. The match felt a bit short, but the story was told well enough.”.

Throughout the night, Goldberg’s interview regarding a possible return on SportsCenter is shown. Paul Heyman will respond later in the night.

Bayley vs. Cami Fields

Bayley comes out to a big hometown pop. A quick match ensues with local jobber Cami Fields. Bayley wins with the Bayley-to-Belly.

Bayley def. Cami Fields

After the match, Dana Brooke hits Bayley from behind on the stage. Bayley is left layed out on the stage, while Dana leaves.

“Not much to say about the match, it was as good as a squash match can be I guess. The action after the match was interesting, and it’s nice to see Dana not following Charlotte. I hope Bayley and Dana’s likely match at HIAC won’t be as one-sided as their match on Raw about a month ago”.

A backstage segment with R-Truth and Chris Jericho airs. Basically an ad for chocolate bar “Payday”, so lets move on.

Sin Cara and Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

It is announced that Sin Cara has officially moved into Raw’s Cruiserweight Division. Gulak and Dorado start the match, but Gulak tags Nese in quickly. Dorado takes over and tags in Sin Cara for some double teaming. Dorado is back in, but Gulak gets in a cheap shot with the referee isn’t looking. Gulak tags in and keeps the pressure on Dorado. Frequent tags between Gulak and Nese keep Lince grounded, before he takes both men down. Sin Cara tags in and hits a moonsault from the second rope on both men. Cara powerbombs Gulak, before Nese breaks the pin. Cara sends Nese to the outside, tags Dorado, and dives onto Nese. Dorado pins Gulak after a Shooting Star Press.

Sin Cara and Lince Dorado def. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

“A good match, and another nice showcase of the Cruiserweights. However, Gulak and Nese are teaming in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Them losing is a clear indication that they won’t be making it very far in the tournament. Even though it’s great to see a new addition to the Cruiserweight Division, it was a strange move to have a more established team lose ahead of a big competition”.

Mick Foley’s Address

Backstage, Mick Foley (in a new flannel suit) is approached by Stephanie McMahon and she asks to accompany him for his address in the ring. Foley accepts. After the break, Foley agrees to Charlotte and Sasha’s Hell in a Cell propasal, so the HIAC match is official. He then says that the Universal Title match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins will also take place inside the cell. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho come out and protest this decision, with Owens stating that he doesn’t want his career cut short like Foley’s. Jericho then complains about Foley to Stephanie, who stands by Foley’s decision and tells Y2J to respect him. She then says that if Jericho can beat Seth Rollins in the main event tonight, he will be added to the Universal Championship match at HIAC. Jericho smiles, whilst Owens looks annoyed. We then cut to a backstage interview with Seth Rollins, who questions Jericho and Owen’s friendship and says he will beat Jericho tonight.

“Okay, so the overall segment wasn’t bad, but there were a couple issues. First of all, three Hell in a Cell matches in one night is way too much. I hate the idea of a HIAC PPV. The match shouldn’t be a surprise match for serious storylines to end, not a PPV where any old feud can be settled. Secondly, Steph was just berating Foley like 2 weeks ago, so her telling Jericho to show respect to the man is a bit insulting. And is she a face or heel or what? Either way it’s annoying. This was a fun portion of the night, since Jeri-KO were fun to watch again, but the problems I’ve just stated are to glaring to ignore”.

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

A pre-show taping is shown, with Axel and Dallas claining that if they are together, they can’t be beaten. Enzo and Cass then come out for a match, but before the match can kick off, Gallows and Anderson attack them. They hit Enzo with the Boot of Doom, and then hit Cass with the Magic Killer, then they leave.

“It’s nice to see The Club looking dominant again, and it’s good to see Enzo and Cass in a proper storyline again. When they collide, expect a good match.”

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn and Neville

Take two for the Outcasts. They demand another two competitors to face, since Enzo and Cass can’t compete. Out come Sami Zayn and Neville. Bo and Sami kick off, with Bo hitting Sami with a big clothesline. He tags Axel, who quickly loses his advantage. Sami hits an exploder suplex and a Helluva Kick, before tagging Neville who hits the Red Arrow for the win. Bo stands on the apron the whole time, then once the match is over, takes his sign and leaves.

Sami Zayn and Neville def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

“Way too quick to really analyse. But, all four men really need something to do. With Sin Cara making his way over to the Cruiserweight division, maybe Neville can do the same. A fine but quick contest makes the babyfaces look good, but them doing nothing is a shame and should not continue”.

Charlotte is backstage. Lana approaches and tells Charlotte to stay out of her husband’s way.

R-Truth vs. Titus O’Neil

A pre-show vignette is shown, with Titus unhappy that Truth got to advertise “Payday”. Again another quick match. Truth has the advantage early, but Titus kicks him in the face. O’Neil hits a couple of rib breakers. Goldust gets on the steps to distract Titus, and Truth rolls him up for the win.

R-Truth def. Titus O’Neil

“Does anyone care? I’m not sure why Titus’ new gimmick involves him jobbing a lot, but I don’t think anyone even cares. This  probably isn’t going to go anywhere, so I’m going to move on”.

Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins are backstage. TJ tries to snap Kendrick out of the new character he’s become. He says that it isn’t too late for the old Kendrick that trained him to come back. They shake hands and Kendrick tries to attack TJP, but he sees it coming and knocks him to the ground.

Handicap Match: Braun Strowman vs. The Splash Brothers

The jobbers cut a promo with Byron Saxton, saying they are going to make a splash. Braun then enters the ring and fends off the double team. He awkwardly hits a double dropkick, then reverse chokeslams one brother onto the other to win. After the match, he demands better competition by next week, or whatever happens will be on Mick Foley’s hands.

“Again, not much to say. It’s clear Strowman still isn’t great in the ring, so hopefully his first serious opponent will be able to carry him through their match. Let’s just hope it isn’t somebody who deserves better”.  

A quick backstage segment, with Sasha Banks telling Roman Reigns to take care of Rusev tonight.

Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks vs. Rusev and Charlotte

Rusev and Reigns start the match, but fans quickly chant for Sasha. The women tag in and Sasha sends Charlotte to the outside. Reigns then does the same to Rusev. After the break, Rusev is in control of Reigns with a dropkick and a slam. Roman superman punches Rusev and both men tag out. Sasha hits a dropkick and then double knees in the corner. She does this again, but Charlotte rolls her up for two. Sasha then locks in the Bank Statement, while Roman spears Rusev. Charlotte taps.

Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks def. Rusev and Charlotte.

“A good mixed-tag match and I have no problem with the finish, but is Rusev ever going to look strong in this feud? I’m sick of Reigns standing tall over Rusev, like we get that he is your guy, but he can look vulnerable every once in a while. I don’t think Rusev has had the better of Reigns since he returned to cost him his match against Kevin Owens. I’m bored of this rivalry. I really do think Reigns can elevate the US belt, but not at the expense of great talent like Rusev. I hope in the coming weeks, Rusev is allowed to look like a competitive match for Reigns, otherwise their HIAC match isn’t going to be worth watching”.

Another backstage interview. Tom Phillips interviews Jeri-KO. KO says that he is leaving HIAC with the title, whether the match is a triple threat or not. Jericho says that as long as one of them is champion, then they are both champion. Y2J adds to to The List of Jericho.

Paul Heyman Addresses Goldberg

Heyman comes out and hypes up WWE 2K17. He shows a video of Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar in the game. Heyman cuts a brilliant promo saying he has been told to challenge Goldberg to a match with Brock Lesnar, anytime and anywhere. It was later announced that Goldberg will answer the challenge and return to Raw next week.

“As usual, Heyman delivers a great promo, and has really built up the hype for Goldberg’s return to Raw next week. It’s not a match that I’m particularly bothered about, but I will certainly be watching”.

Another Emmalina vignette airs. She will be returning soon.

TJ Perkins vs. Ariya Daivari

Brian Kendrick is on commentary for this one. Perkins has the advantage early on, locking Daivari in the kneebar before a ropebreak. Daivari then takes over, hitting a running knee and a superkick to nearly beat the champ. TJP fights back though, and locks in another kneebar to force Ariya to tap out. After the match, Brian Kendrick mockingly claps, while TJP stares him out.

TJ Perkins def. Ariya Daivari

“Another nice showcase of the cruiserweights. They still need to be developed more, as the crowd still wasn’t fully invested in the match. Brian Kendrick on commentary was very entertaining, even though his way of speaking is quite creepy. I’m looking forward to the rematch between him and TJP”.

ANOTHER backstage segment. This time, Jericho talks with Stephanie McMahon. He apologises for nearly putting her on the list. She hopes he wins tonight, so Raw’s triple threat will be better than Smackdown’s triple threat at No Mercy. Owen comes up and asks Jericho why he and Steph were talking. He says “friendship”.

Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho

The match starts will Rollins on the offensive, but Jericho pokes him in the eye to take over. Seth returns with a knee, and Jericho leaves the ring. Rollins is not far behind and throws Y2J into the barricade. Owens comes out, which distracts Seth and Jericho takes advantage by dropping him on the top rope (injuring the ribs). Chris is on top until Rollins hits an enziguri and a slingblade. Jericho knees Seth in the ribs. Seth tries to suplex Chris, but gets hit with a dropkick to the ribs. Jericho tries for a Codebreaker, but is blocked and Seth kicks him. After an Owens distraction, Seth is locked in the Walls of Jericho before he reaches the bottom rope. Owens kicks Seth but it’s not enough to beat him. Jericho attempts a springboard dropkick, but misses and ends up on the outside. Rollins dives onto Owens, the knees Jericho in the face. Jericho avoids a splash and hits a Lionsault. Jericho goes to the top rope, but Seth counters. He goes for a Pedigree, but Jericho reverses and tries to go for the Walls again. Rollins rolls up Jericho for the pin. After the match, Jericho and Owens attack Rollins. Owens is really hit with a Pedigree, but Jericho stops it. Rollins ends up hitting the Pedigree on Jericho to stand tall and end the show, with KO standing on the entrance ramp.

“A really good match to end the show, with the outcome making sense. I would have liked Jericho to have won, but I still think Rollins vs Owens will be a great match. I sense that Jericho will worm his way into the match somehow, but the story for now is compelling, and Jeri-KO is still the best part of Raw every week”.

Final Reaction:

“I guarantee I will say this every week from now on, but Raw’s three hours is killing the show. There’s simply not enough compelling action to keep the fans interested for three hours, and today’s Raw was no different. While there were some entertaining moments, way too much filler resulted in another average Raw. There is definitely enough to be excited about for Hell in a Cell, but you can pretty much skip half of Raw and be more entertained. A 6/10 for this week”.

What did you think of this week’s show? Will tomorrow’s Smackdown top today’s Raw?

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