There will always be a topic on who is being underutilized and who should be pushed more. Well, it is time we take a look at some of the talent who should be getting more out of their current run on the main roster. We will look at one talent, or tag team, from Raw, Smackdown Live!, and 205 Live. First, let’s start with the A show, Monday Night Raw (joking):

Monday Night Raw: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Lets be honest, Raw is pretty stacked and with it being 3 hours long. They actually are using a lot of talent on TV. Where are the Good Brothers though? This is a team that lately has seen no action. The most this team has done in the past couple of months is have a commercial for WWE Shop. You know, where they plug all the new merchandise and all of that good stuff? It is quite a shame that they have not been involved in anything lately. This is a highly talented team in the ring and when given a microphone can be entertaining. They started to find their groove during and after their Raw Tag Team title run developing the “NERD” catchphrase and their “Good Brother” catchphrase. There is plenty enough time on Monday Night Raw to get these guys on TV and involved in something. Even if it is comedy acts, get them on TV at least! It’s a shame their Raw Tag Team Championship reign lasted as short as it did. I believe that if given the time, they can show why they deserve more time on TV and this can produce another future championship reign. There is always Finn Balor to beat up or join forces with. Just saying.


Smackdown Live!: Tye Dillinger

This one shouldn’t be a big surprise. Now before you start getting angry and say guys like Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura should be pushed more just know that I hear you and feel the same way. However, in a way, they are already being pushed. Rusev has found new success with his Rusev Day phrase and his partnership with Aiden English and Nakamura has been on TV pretty constantly since coming on the main roster. Now, on to my choice. Go ahead and tell me one thing Tye Dillinger has done since being called up to the main roster? Go ahead, I am waiting. Still waiting. Has this guy even had a match on a main roster pay per view? Well, yes. He had one against Aiden English at Backlash. That is it. Besides this one pay per view match, the only other thing that remotely stands out is his recent United States Championship opportunity. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that Tye should be pushed into the WWE Championship scene starting tomorrow. However, he should be getting more time on Smackdown Live! to showcase his skills. Pair him up with someone like Dolph Ziggler to create one of those unique pairings. Just do something with him because he deserves more.


205 Live: Cedric Alexander

Believe it or not, 205 Live was the toughest decision on who to pick as my one talent to use. It was a tough choice between Cedric Alexander, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Tony Nese. I decided to go with Alexander because Tony Nese has been getting a lot of time on board of the Zo Train and Gallagher has a new pairing with Brian Kendrick. Am I the only one who thinks that Alexander should put on some muscle weight and get the heck out of 205 Live? The guy is listed at 205 lbs currently but looks a lot bigger. I think this guy is extremely talented. He has the right height, right build, and if given more time on the microphone I think he could develop skills. Just imagine if he put on some weight by working out more and building muscle. His matches are always fast paced and he can pull out a few tricks to surprise us. I think this guy could be a legit mid-carder on either Raw or Smackdown Live!.


So what do you guys think? If you had to choose one talent from each roster, who would you choose to push more and why? Let me know in the comments!

And with that, have a GLORIOUS DAY!

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