There are literally countless pieces of WWE merchandise within WWE. Everything from old school lunch boxes to holiday ornaments to action figures to t-shirts. The merchandise is endless. We all have that one, or a couple, pieces of merchandise that mean something special to us in its own way. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the most popular item, but it has that personal meaning to us for a particular reason. I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite items that mean a lot to me and I encourage everyone reading to share their personal favorite items that you own.

Item 1: Kurt Angle “I’ll Make You Tap Out” T-Shirt

Hands down, Kurt Angle is my favorite wrestler of all time. When I first started watching wrestling, I was always fascinated by the technical wrestlers. Kurt Angle was like no other and will always be like no one else. I don’t have to go into the story about how he is an Olympic gold medalist who won with a broken freaking neck. The guy is athletically gifted and it was an honor to be able to watch him preform. You can probably tell I am super excited he made a comeback and we are able to see him on television now. The reason why this t-shirt means so much to me is because I had one of my favorite memories wearing it. My family and I took a trip to New York City one winter and we made a trip to the WWE New York location while it was still open. Kurt Angle was going to be the guest that night. It was the night where Kurt got “lost in New York”. It was such a great episode. The night started off by me being on camera for a long time while Michael Cole and Tazz did their commentary. I was literally standing right behind Tazz. I can be seen in the background with my bright red “I’ll Make You Tap Out!” t-shirt and my extremely blonde hair. I even had one of the mini replica title belts at the time. I believe it was the mini Intercontinental championship belt. During one of the commercials, Tazz looked over at me and complimented me on my shirt and asked to see my mini replica title belt. He looked at it and said how cool it was. He then took the belt and started beating Michael Cole over the head with it while Cole started covering his head up. It made the whole audience laugh and it was awesome.

Fast forward to the end of the show when it went off the air. WWE New York had a lower level of seating and one other upper level. Just think of a restaurant setting with a middle lower level and a second level surrounding it. I was sitting on the second level all the way in the corner. Kurt Angle came off of the stage and started greeting with fans and signing some things. He made his way over to my area and was only meeting with fans on the lower level. He looked up at me and saw I had his red t-shirt on and he told security to go up and grab me and bring me down so I could meet with him. Keep in mind, he was already my favorite. The fact that he went out of his way to meet with me meant the world to me and I will forever be grateful for that memory. Even though that shirt doesn’t fit me anymore, it is my favorite piece of merchandise that I own and will forever keep it. I still have a picture of a young me with my mini championship and my Kurt Angle t-shirt infront of the stage.

Item 2: Kids Replica WWE United States Championship signed by John Cena

I grew up watching wrestling during the height of the Attitude Era and into the Ruthless Aggression Era. When I was a young teenager we were witnessing the rise of the man known as John Cena. I remember for Christmas, I wanted a replica championship belt. I left it up to my parents to get me which ever one they wanted to get me because I wanted to be surprised. They ended up getting me the United States Championship and even got a personalized name plate with my name on it. I remember I was so excited that I wore that championship belt around my waist whenever I was at home. I received the belt during Christmas 2004 and John Cena was the United States Champion into early 2005. John Cena was making an appearance at an auto car show in Washington DC and he had just lost the championship to Orlando Jordan. I remember going to the auto show and wearing my Word Life t-shirt and having my championship belt. He was only supposed to be there for a 2 hour time frame and there were probably about 500 people there to see him. I have a great deal of respect for John Cena from a young age because he stood at the show and met with every last person who stood in line and ended up staying late for about an hour and a half. I remember meeting with him and wishing him the best of luck going into Wrestlemania season hoping he would get back his United States Championship. He signed my t-shirt and my championship. Little did I know that he would go on to defeat JBL for his first WWE Championship. All of these reasons are why my Kids Replica United States Championship means so much to me.

Item 3: Wrestlemania 32 T-Shirt and Offical Program

In the record books, Wrestlemania 32 holds the attendance record for the most people attending a Wrestlemania. It beat the attendance record from Wrestlemania 3. I was in attendance for Wrestlemania 32 and that is why these items from the event mean so much to me. Was Wrestlemania 32 the greatest event ever? No. Was Wrestlemania 32 my first Wrestlemania I ever attended? No. However, I am a firm believer that being a part of history is special. I could be wrong, but Wrestlemania 32 will probably hold the attendance record for a long time. I had good seats that were right at the 50 yard line where you could see the stage and the jumbo tron above at AT&T Stadium. It was such a cool feeling to be a part of that record breaking crowd and no one can take that away from me. Ever since the event, I have used the program for getting signatures from superstars so it has an extra added personal value to me. The t-shirt is one of those “I Was There” t-shirts that you can only get at the live event. The feeling of being a part of that record breaking crowd was awesome.


Well, those are my three favorite pieces of WWE merchandise that I own. They are special to me due to the memories that were created with them. What are your favorite pieces of WWE merchandise that you own? Comment and share your favorite pieces of merchandise and why they mean so much to you!


And with that, have a GLORIOUS DAY!

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