Update On Goldberg’s WWE Contact, How Long He Is Expected To Stay With WWE

Goldberg yesterday announced that he would be returning to WWE next week on Monday Night Raw.


Reports are coming out that Goldberg has only signed a one match deal with the company (for now) and has also signed on for multiple appearances.

Goldberg is not expected to stay with WWE following WrestleMania 33, and he is not scheduled for any other T.V appearances other than next week for the rest of 2016.

Did Paul Heyman’s promo on Raw sell you on the rematch?

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Eiland Bush

  • It’d be a disaster of a match, no need to get an out of shape Goldberg back.

  • Rhys Dowd

    I personally don’t want this match to happen I understand their are other out there who do want to see this.

    I just feel like its too late, like how many rumours in the past 5 years have we heard “Goldberg might be coming back” and after awhile I just stopped caring, and now that he is finally making a return I really don’t care.

    And hes also coming back to face Lesnar, a guy who just punches and suplexs people and then F5’s them, I also understand that its a gimmick thats Lesnars gimmick the ex UFC fighter that destroys people, but we all know deep down that his moveset is so endless its ridiculous and that we are limited to these matches that are so predictable that a blind person knows whats going to happen next.

    So Gillberg or Goldberg doesn’t matter who Lesnar faces the outcome will be the same, punch punch, suplex suplex suplex maybe two F5’s, match over.

  • Steven Zack

    Younger fans don’t have an interest in a twelve year old back story and those that were around for the first debacle would be hard pressed to be emotionally invested in a match featuring a 50 year old Bill Goldberg who hasn’t been active in too long a time and Brock Lesnar who is in the biz for money and only money. He doesn’t display a passion for the industry. I have always been a fan of Goldberg’s in and out of the ring but I just don’t see a purpose. This is a reminder of the end of The Wrestler where aging Randy the Ram tries to recreate his greatest match against the Ayatollah.

  • Jason Praetor Beede

    A promo from Jesus Christ wouldn’t sell me on this match.