Bayley Reveals Who She Thinks Negan Killed In The Walking Dead

In an interview with Hollywoodlife, WWE Raw Superstar Bayley revealed who she thinks Negan killed in The Walking Dead cliffhanger/season premiere.

While promoting the WWE 2K17 video game, Bayley revealed who she thinks got their skulls beat in by Negan;

“I know this is kind of going to sound mean, but I kind of hope that it’s Eugene because for some reason…he really has been annoying me towards the end of all this. He is getting so weird and I am kind of hoping it is him! I am really hoping it is not Carl! I think it is [Eugene] but we’ll see.”


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Eiland Bush

  • Steve Fisher

    Glenn needs to bite the bat.
    however Daryl could be a great candidate.
    (im a comics fan so i hope for the outcome of the comics for it’s lasting changes in the near future)