Below are the results from episode six of Lucha Underground’s third season:

The show opens with Dragon Azteca Jr in the locker room. He looks at a poster of his father, and vows to make him proud by defeating Pentagon Dark later in the night. Chavo Guerrero Jr interrupts, and beats Azteca with a steel chair. He leaves him unconscious. Rey Mysterio Jr walks in to find Azteca, and realises what Chavo did. He screams “CHAVOOO” to end the segment.

“Very camp opening segment. Dragon not getting to wrestle Pentagon is a bit of a bummer, but it was replaced with a good match in the end. Rey’s Star Trek-style scream was hilarious. Hopefully Azteca gets justice on Pentagon and now Chavo soon.”

Famous B & Dr Wagner Jr (w/ Brenda) vs. Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada

Famous B, Wagner and Brenda are already in the ring. Havoc and Sagrada enter The Temple on a motorbike. Quick action to start, with Havoc and Sagrada diving on to their opponents on the outside. They stay in control until Wagner boots Sagrada in the face, and hits a powerbomb. Frequent tags between Wagner and B keep them in control, until Sagrada tags in Havoc. He hits a back handspring elbow on Wagner. He takes out B and tags Sagrada in. Just as they look to finish it, Wagner takes out Havoc. Wagner slams Sagrada, and Famous B pins him with his stethoscope on his chest.

Famous B & Dr Wagner Jr (w/ Brenda) def. Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada

“A good, quick opener to kick off the action. Not much needed to be accomplished here, other than giving Famous B his first win. It was weird that B wrestled in his suit, but it’s unique I guess. A fun match, but nothing special.”

Gift of the Gods Championship Match: Sexy Star (c) vs. Jack Evans

Evans takes to the mic and says that this will be the last match of Star’s career. He will leave her bloody and beaten, and he will be known as the Star destroyer. Sexy slaps him and the match gets underway. She continues the attack, before Evans dropkicks her, and then celebrates. Star retaliates with an arm drag, then sends Jack to the outside. She dives onto Evans, then proceeds to drag him around by his hair. Evans takes over back in the ring. He puts Star in a Camel Clutch and points her towards the camera to mock her. Evans keeps up the momentum until Sexy comes back with a boot. Evans comes back though, but Star retaliates and dives onto Evans from the top rope, on the outside. PJ Black comes out (with a kendo stick) and distracts the referee, and Johnny Mundo hits a spear on Sexy Star and rolls her back into the ring. Evans covers Star, but surprisingly only gets a two. Aerostar and Drago come out to take out Mundo and Black. Fenix then runs out and distracts the referee, so Star can low blow Evans with a kendo stick. She then hits a Spinning Neckbreaker for the pin.

Sexy Star def. Jack Evans

“This was another good match. It didn’t feel overcrowded, despite all of the interference. Star winning was the right move, but hopefully the feud between all of these guys ends soon, since we’ve seen it quite a lot. Even so, a good match with some exciting action.”

Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr

We cut to Dario’s office. He is on the phone, and it is confirmed that Dragon Azteca Jr cannot compete against Pentagon Dark. Chavo is with him, and he asks to face Pentagon instead. Rey Mysterio walks in, and demands the main event be changed to him vs Chavo. Pentagon is already in the ring however, so Dario makes the main event a triple threat match – Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. Dario then grabs a mic and leaves his office to announce the match to the crowd.

The match kicks off. Rey takes advantage early on, before Pentagon superkicks him. Rey sends both of his opponents to the floor, before diving on them. Chavo kicks Rey in the face, and before Pentagon dropkicks the chair Chavo is holding into him. He then hits stiff kicks to Rey’s legs. Pentagon wedges a chair in the corner, before Chavo and Rey send him head first into it. Chavo took over, dropkicking Pentagon and hitting a senton. Pentagon returns with a lungblower. Chavo then hit the amigos (to loud Eddie chants), before Rey returned to through Chavo out the ring. Pentagon hits a powerbomb on Rey, before Rey sets both other men up for a 619. He only hits Chavo, and he climbs to the top rope, but he is hung up by Chavo. Pentagon takes advantage and hits a package piledriver to pin Rey for the win.

Pentagon Dark def. Rey Mysterio Jr and Chavo Guerrero Jr

“This match was a good main event to cap off a good episode. Pentagon winning is the right choice. Chavo didn’t really feel necessary to the match, since the crowd was dead when he was in control. Pentagon and Rey worked especially well together, so Chavo felt like the third wheel”.

After the match, Pentagon attempted to break Mysterio’s arm, but Rey countered and forced Pentagon out of the ring. Chavo then came back in with a steel chair and threw it into Rey’s face. He then hung up Rey in the corner, and hit the referee with the chair. He then attacked Rey’s knee with the chair to end the show.

“It’s nice to see Chavo looking strong to end the show, but him vs. Mysterio feels so overdone. It will be a good match for sure, but we’ve seen it before. This segment felt like a copy of their I Quit match in WWE. Also, Pentagon just leaving after Rey forcing him out of the ring was very out of character. It was a good beat down, but I wish it was Chavo vs someone else”. 

Final Reaction:

“Another good showing by Lucha Underground, but not their strongest episode of the season. The show ending the way it did felt very old, even though it will probably produce good matches. The main event was the best match of the night, but the other matches were decent too. The show overall though needed some more high-flying action inside the ring. Even Jack Evans was very limited tonight. Still, a fine show all together.”

Rating: 7/10

What did you think of Lucha Underground this week? Are you looking forward to Chavo and Rey’s feud?

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