Welcome to the first in a series of weekly articles, where we look at five of the best and worst moments to happen in WWE this week. If it happens on PPV, Raw, Smackdown or NXT, and it’s really good or bad, then it will be covered.

To be considered for the list, the moment has to either be a match, segment, announcement, or a big part of a show (e.g. a return).

So, this week has seen a lot of action. We’ve seen returns, big announcements, top-notch wrestling, and a confusingly ordered PPV. WWE continue to provide great content that exceeds expectation, but there’s also a lot to complain about. With 9 hours of WWE to sort through, here are the 5 best moments and 5 worst moments of WWE this week.

Let’s kick off with the bad, click the arrows below.

Worst Moments

5. Excessive booking


Now that No Mercy is out of the way, Smackdown is looking towards Survivor Series. Raw cannot do this yet, as they are focusing on Hell in a Cell, which is in a matter of weeks. Both brands made massive announcements this week, regarding matches for each PPV.

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and GM Mick Foley announced two more Hell in a Cell matches for the PPV in a couple of weeks. While one of these matches features later on the list, this announcement means a total of three HIAC matches on one night. That is way too high for one year, never mind one night. Remember when a Hell in a Cell match was used to settle a massive feud, and was relatively rare? They shouldn’t be used for a rivalry that’s barely started (Owens and Rollins), or a feud that nobody’s interested in (Reigns and Rusev). Hell in a Cell matches in the PG-Era have all been pretty tame, and not very exciting – the opposite of what the name describes. So three in one night is likely to just bore fans even more.

Then, Smackdown authority figures Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan decided to challenge Raw at Survivor Series. So you’d probably think “Cool, we are going to get a Raw vs Smackdown Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series match right?”. Yes, we are. In fact we are getting three. Now I’m all for legitimizing Traditional SS matches again. After all, they haven’t exactly meant much for a while now, so this would help make them a big deal again. But are three of them needed? Plus, a tag team version seems like it’s gonna be way too crowded. I just think that they’re are way better matches to be made. Have a traditional men’s match and women’s match, that’s it.

Hopefully, all these matches have time to shine, and are allowed to be completely different from one another.

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