Last Monday, we witnessed the debut of Sister Abigail. Many were surprised to see it was Bray Wyatt himself portraying this bizarre gimmick; but many other were disappointed that Wyatt was Sister Abigail after all that hype WWE created. Most of the WWE Universe wanted Mika Rotunda (Bray’s sister) or GFW’s Rose Mary to be the one portraying Sister Abigail. However, this will translate into a new opportunity for Bray Wyatt. Either his reborn to become the face of the WWE again or his final burial to keep him away from the main-event scenario for the rest of his WWE career.

Bray Wyatt has the most powerful gimmick in WWE today. However, the creative staff committed mistake after mistake in the way the delivered Bray Wyatt to the WWE Universe. Bray did everything flawlessly to assure an incredible impact in the fans. However, the way WWE scripted most of his matches ruined the hype. Even his run as the WWE Champion was too short and he didn’t looked strong enough compared to Randy Orton. That House of Horrors match was so bad that everyone wants to forget about the time we inverted seeing that match. But Bray can get a restart in his career and truly inspire fear again.

The fact that Bray Wyatt is Sister Abigail it’s creepy enough to create legit fear. This gimmick is really complex. Sister Abigail is an alter-ego of Bray Wyatt. Another person lives inside him and causes the distortion. Meaning that he’s a person with a multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia in the psychological part of the gimmick. That alter-ego is the one commanding Wyatt to do things in its name; as he request many victims as a tribute to itself. The fact that Sister Abigail is an alter-ego of Bray Wyatt can become something amazing for Wyatt’s career.

In a progressive way, the fact the Wyatt portrays a “female” gimmick in the most creepiest way makes it more interesting. So we have the psychological part, gender and purpose of the Sister Abigail gimmick interconnected with Bray Wyatt’s gimmick. How will the WWE make that work? Will he fight on weekly shows as Bray Wyatt and use the Sister Abigail gimmick for Pay Per Views to keep it special? Will it be a one time gimmick? The way the WWE will run this new gimmick will define the success of it.

The perfect way to do it is to use Sister Abigail for important matches with a long-term storyline against an important rival (just what they are doing in the rivalry with Finn Balor). That way, the presence of that alter-ego will be special and fans will be push to see that new side of Sister Abigail. Bray’s in-ring move set should change almost entirely to make it feel like a new wrestler; except for Sister Abigail as a finishing move. Bray’s theme song and entrance should also change for this gimmick. Also, they should add something special; maybe a black mist coming out of Abigail’s mouth before delivering the Sister Abigail finishing move.

This new side of Bray Wyatt can be amazing for his career, push him into the main-event scene and help him pursue the WWE Universal Championship. However, it can go also go horribly wrong enough to bury Bray’s career and keep him out of the main-event scene. It can translate into eternal midcard if this gimmick it’s not treated carefully. People may not treat him with the seriousness that they treat the Bray Wyatt gimmick. He can lose relevance, importance and may not be consider a threat anymore. Everything depends on how the WWE Creative Staff runs this new Sister Abigail gimmick. If it’s use as a one-time gimmick for his battle against Balor, it will largely affect Bray’s background and history as a wrestler.

Everything depends on the WWE Creative Staff right now. We all know Bray will portray this new gimmick to perfection and can become the new face of fear if it depends on him. However, the fate of Bray Wyatt/Sister Abigail is in the hands of the WWE Creative Staff. We hope that they do the correct thing this time and use this storyline wisely. If used correctly, Sister Abigail can be best for business. If used poorly, it will translate in Bray Wyatt’s final burial.

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