****UPDATE**** Bray Wyatt has been declared medically unfit to compete at TLC against Finn Balor and has been replaced by AJ Styles.

Now that Bray Wyatt has finally revealed the constantly referenced ‘Sister Abigail’ appears to be an alter-ego of sorts, both he and Finn Balor finally seem to share common ground. While both men work relatively well together, I’m not in love with the idea of ‘The Demon’ vs ‘Sister Abigail.’

Bray Wyatt has been persistent in his torment of Finn Balor for several weeks now and they have traded blows both on Pay Per View and on Monday Night Raw on numerous occasions. Considering their characters share an affinity for their own supernatural possession a ‘Demon’ vs ‘Sister Abigail’ match would always have been on the cards, and might have even been the spark in creative which brought these two together in the first place. However, in execution, much like the now infamous ‘House of Horrors’ fiasco this effort could backfire dramatically. The ‘Demon’ or ‘Demon King’ as he is often called has been an enjoyable trait of Finn Balor’s persona since he arrived on the scene at NXT. His impressive and intricate make-up combined with the added element of a steampunk vibe made the ‘Demon King’ just as enjoyable to watch on the ramp as in the ring. It’s a slow-burner of an entrance and it’s a ton of gothic fun. Also, that fact that we now only see this particular side of Balor once in a blue moon has meant the gimmick has not overstayed it’s welcome. If anything, fans would like to see more of it. The same can not be said for Wyatt, though. Yes, his firefly-lit entrance and low-toned, brooding music is always great viewing. What it doesn’t do is compliment his supposedly dark and eccentric character. It adds no element of threat or anticipation. This is no fault of Wyatt’s, though, and is more of an issue of poor booking. The obvious example being mentioned in the above paragraph, along with a poor performance and unwelcome loss at Wrestlemania. Wyatt remains a lucrative talent, no question, but could suffer badly if kept on the road he is on.

When news first broke that the infamous ‘Sister Abigail’ could appear in a WWE ring we were all intrigued as to exactly what that meant. Perhaps the introduction of a new female talent to the roster. But, if the unsettling promo from last week’s Raw is to be taken literally, ‘Sister Abigail’ will be nothing more than Wyatt himself with a spot of messy make-up and a veil, hopefully not in drag. Clearly this would be a huge mistake on WWE creative’s part. I’m all for the suspension of disbelief in wrestling. At the end of the day it’s all fantasy. What I’m not in favour of is taking a character with so much unrealised potential and turning him into a laughing stock which, if the above turns out to be correct, is a very real possibility.

Hopefully WWE have something else up their sleeve, or see the light before it’s too late. But, if they go ahead with the plan as it seems to stand now, I’m praying for good things. You never know, a half-decent match might save Wyatt, Balor and WWE a whole heap of embarrassment.

Sister Abigail? We’re waiting.

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