The Jinder Mahal project has been a complete success. WWE is building him as the maximum heel in all the WWE. People legitimately despise and get upset after every single time he pins one of their heroes. He has victories over Randy Orton, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura. The mass of heat he’s gained over his title reign make people desire his defeat even more. However, WWE enjoys drinking the WWE Universe’s salty tears. This is exactly why Jinder Mahal needs a win over a huge superstar to push his career and legacy as WWE Champion to the next level.

Jinder Mahal already challenged Brock Lesnar and he will probably accept his challenge next Monday. This is the moment the WWE can use to build Jinder’s career even more and give Jinder a dirty win over the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Many people don’t believe in Jinder Mahal as a true champion and a real threat. To the ones that think this way, let me inform you that Jinder is already SmackDown Live’s biggest heel and the best thing happening in the WWE right now. Having The Singh Brothers in his courner gives Mahal the advantage. If you add that he’s a big guy that can destroy anyone in the ring, you’ll understand he’s a great champion. The fact that he uses strategy and intelligence to win makes him a great champion. Because many wrestlers are strong; but not many wrestlers have Jinder’s ability to draw a strategy with his team, follow it to perfection and get the victory at the end of the night.

Jinder has been Champion longer than many WWE legends. If the WWE already went with him until Survivor Series (and probably until Wrestlemania) and build him as the best WWE champion of this era, they might as well add a victory over one incredible threat to anyone in the WWE; and that is the part-time face of Raw, Brock Lesnar. Giving Mahal this victory will automatically gain him more heat; but will also translate into people respecting him for that victory. Not many superstars are capable of pinning The Beast Incarnate. This will push Jinder’s career incredibly and positioned him without any doubt as one of the best WWE Champion of this era.

Imagine the crowd reaction worldwide after Jinder Mahal gets a victory over Brock Lesnar with the help of The Singh Brothers. The boos in the stadium are going to surpass the time the crowd decided to hijack Raw by booing Vickie Guerrero. People are going to be so mad that are going to start threatening about canceling their WWE Network subscription. But they won’t do it! Because they’ll be waiting for the day Jinder Mahal loses that title belt and celebrate it like Chicago celebrated CM Punk’s victory at Money in the Bank. They’re building a heel that everyone legitimately despises. They might as well give the crowd another huge motive to desire Jinder’s defeat.

If Lesnar wins over Mahal, nothing is going to happen. People don’t want to see Jinder getting pinned; they want to see him getting defeat for the WWE Title. However, giving Jinder the win over Lesnar will translate into massive heat for Jinder, people will have to consider him a real threat, pushes his career and will push him one step closer to being the best WWE Champion of this era. Just do it WWE! They already went with Jinder as WWE Champion; now they might as well get him a incredible victory. Jinder pinning Lesnar at Survivor Series is best for business.

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