The last time we have seen the Undertaker was at WrestleMania 33 when he lost to Roman Reigns. It was a very emotional ending to the show where Undertaker was standing in the ring looking around the arena. Stepping out of the ring giving his wife Michelle McCool a kiss. Then he headed back to the ring and folded his jacket, put it in the middle of the ring and placed his hat on top of it. Once he was halfway to the stage he raised his fast in the air and was slowly brought down. Was this really a “thank you Taker” moment or was it a “goodbye, for now” moment?


There have been reports that there will be a Brothers of Destruction reunion at this years Survivor Series. It is rumored that Undertaker and Kane would take on The Shield. Now I wouldn’t mind a Brothers of Destruction reunion but I really think Undertaker should have that one last special match that us fans will remember for decades and can tell our kids/grand kids this moment. It was rumored before, but unfortunately it didn’t happened. Undertaker’s last opponent should be against John Cena and it needs to be be the main event. Most of us can agree that this match would have been a lot better if these two were more in their prime, but this match still isn’t a bad idea at all.


When John Cena was just a rookie in the WWE, Undertaker approached John Cena and asked him “what’s your name kid?” Then he shook his hand and told him “nice job” after Cena had won his match on Smackdown in 2002. 16 years later, this match should be taking place at WrestleMania 34. I’d prefer to have The Undertaker win, but either way no matter who the winner is of this match, John Cena should approach Underaker, shake his hand and raise his arm out of respect. What better way to end Undertakers career though. The man who shook Cena’s hand when he was a rookie and is now having his hand shooked and arm raised out of respect for his retirement match. There is no doubt that these two would go all out in this match and give us what fans expected and waited for this dream match up.


I think it would be best if WWE has this happen. I don’t think there is a better way for this match and short feud to be booked. We know these two make great promos. They can make a story line interesting, especially if those two are given permission to go off script like John Cena and Roman Reigns did with each other. This would be a huge draw, especially for an event that’s the Super Bowl of wrestling. Not only would Taker have the most appropriate opponent to be his last, but this is another step to John Cena’s iconic career in the WWE. He would have the honor to face The Undertaker in his very last match and I truly think Cena deserves it because he has done so much for the business and Taker has had interest in facing Cena before to. This for sure, would be a “thank you Taker” scenario and a defining moment for both of these superstars.





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