As expected, on Raw the road to Survivor Series got well and truly underway with a traditional inter-promotional invasion angle with Smackdown being the invaders this time out, but was it all a bit too over the top?

Every year as we head towards Survivor Series, one of the biggest WWE pay per views of the year, it has become tradition to stir up some bad blood between brands to create a sense of hype eventually culminating in the brand vs brand showdown. During the attitude era this over the top confrontation, which almost always involved one brand attacking the other and vice versa, was as expected as it was welcome. But, as Paul Heyman so subtly pointed out last night on Raw, we are currently trapped in what many are referring to as the “PG Era” of the WWE. Which begs the question: Does this old-fashioned pre-emptive onslaught between brands belong on WWE television today? My argument would be that if the WWE really are trying to tone down anything that might be construed as being overly-violent then these kind of blatantly random attacks, especially on this scale, could be avoided. Also, the spontaneity with which last night’s attack took place made the whole thing feel a little too “planned” if anything else.

Also, with the power of social media in the modern age making the voice of fans stronger and further-reaching than ever before, I have no doubt some fans will be happy to discuss their displeasure (or perhaps enjoyment) at such segments online for weeks to come.

Whether or not you believe this style of “attack” is out-dated for WWE programming there’s no doubt that, considering we are usually served the same shtick year after year, WWE might want the think about re-evaluating their approach to the Survivor Series PPV as a whole. It’s all getting a little repetitive and predictable for my taste.

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