Ring of Honor this week saw Mark Briscoe, Shane Taylor, Chuckie T & Punishment Martinez in a four corners survival match for the right to challenge Television Championship Kenny King, as well as an excellent match between Marty Scurll & Jay White.

Marty Scurll defeated Jay White. Grade: B+ As Ring of Honor always does it opened with an amazing match! Marty Scurll & Jay White tore the house down here putting on an excellent match, The Villain is obviously incredible and Jay White is an unbelievable up-and-coming wrestler. Scurll was up to all his tricks using the tag rope to his advantage and getting the win using his umbrella as a distraction allowing him to hit a blatant low blow. Given the match and the finish, here’s hoping it’s not too long before we see these two go at it again.

Both The Addiction & Jay Lethal cut backstage promos either side of the break and a feud between them seems imminent, which is sure to be fantastic. The Addiction are killing it as heels at the moment.

The Dawgs defeated The Tempura Boyz. Grade: C+ The team of Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus certainly has potential, but putting them over so dominantly over Sho & Yoh is puzzling, even more so when you factor in the push they have received in NJPW by the time this show aired.

Mark Briscoe defeated Shane Taylor, Chuckie T & Punishment Martinez in a Four Corners Survival Match for a shot at Kenny King’s ROH TV Championship. Grade: C+ A fun match here with a lot of focus on the two big men Punishment Martinez & Shane Taylor colliding with one another. Mark Briscoe winning here is probably the right move as he is certainly the biggest name. The interaction between Mark Briscoe and his brother Jay after the match was fascinating with Jay asking him if he’s still a Briscoe or if he’s all about “this singles thing now”. The teasing of a feud between the two here is fascinating and intriguing.

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