In recent months it has become clear WWE is choosing to step away from the use of pyrotechnics in their shows. Do you miss them?

For several months now WWE has steam rolled forward with their plans to gently decrease and finally eradicate the use of pyrotechnics from their shows altogether. The first obvious instance of which began with the lack of opening pyro displays for both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live, leading to an obvious missing element from the entrance of some of WWE’s biggest superstars such as AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar. WWE used to pride itself on it’s elaborate and eye-catching displays, which were for a time some of the finest pyrotechnics you could see on television anywhere. Explosions in high-octane entrances of superstars like Batista added so much to their hype as a main-eventer. Not only were the fireworks used for visual splendour, but also helped to reinforce certain elements of the performer’s character. Take Edge, for example, who after defeating John Cena and later The Undertaker for their respective world titles began using a wonderfully over-the-top pyrotechnic-fuelled entrance, instantly making it clear his character’s ego had exploded. This was first reported as a financially-motivated decision with WWE looking to save money where they can. With videos surfacing online of half-empty arenas, indicating dwindling ticket sales, can you really blame them?

Personally I would love to see the pyrotechnics make a comeback, though. In a business as reliant on showmanship and guiltlessly out-there characters as professional wrestling I feel the extravagant nature of the pyro added so much more to an already enjoyable show.

As we have seen, WWE programming has not suffered as a result of the pyro cut, but it certainly wouldn’t harm the product in bringing it back. I’m sure WWE could find other ways to save some pennies.

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