WWE Survivor Series will be taking place at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas on November 19, 2017. Both RAW and Smackdown Live brands will be there and all of the matches will be having WWE Superstars from both brands going to compete against each other. Each and every match should be great considering you don’t get to see these matches because of the brand split. This brings in pure competition to both champions and we get to see who the better champion is. On top of that, we get the 5 on 5 traditional men and women Survivor Series Tag Team matches.


The match that looks like that will steal the show is Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs The Usos. Now as we have seen many times, The Usos are actually very talented of a tag team together. Some actually consider them underrated. Now do I think they are underrated? To an extent, yes. We have seen many great matches with them in the past, especially recently against The New Day. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have great tag team chemistry together because of their team together when they were known as The Shield with other fellow member Roman Reigns. We have seen very great matches from Rollins and Ambrose as a tag team as well. So with having those two tag teams being in a match together, expect that match to be the best of the PPV and steal the show. The build up of the match that should be taking place on both RAW and Smackdown Live should be something we should look forward to as well.


The match we shouldn’t really look forward to the most is Jinder Mahal vs Brock Lesnar. Now I get that it’s the WWE and Universal Champions colliding head to head with each other and both are technically the current faces of those brands because those two titles are the main ones of each brand and main ones that represent the company. We haven’t gotten much from both Mahal and Lesnar since they both been champions. Many fans can agree that the ending of Mahal’s matches have been pretty lame considering the Singh brothers interfere and help Jinder Mahal win after he performs his finishing move. I get it’s something what heels do is win dirty most of the time, but we could at least see different and creative finishes for Jinder Mahal if WWE wants him to retain the title after he defends it. When it comes to Brock Lesnar his in ring moves seem to be very limited. All you see are suplexes, couple knees to the ribs, F5s, and maybe some kimura arm locks here and there. He basically has a time limit for his matches because they don’t last very long. So hopefully Vince and WWE creative pulls a bunny out of a hat and proves us wrong.


Otherwise, the PPV should be great and you should look forward to it. When two brands join together for a PPV, it’s suppose to be better than normal compared to a RAW or Smackdown Live PPV. If you like both brands, then you’re in for a treat. If you like competition, then what better way can you see competition when you get to see RAW and Smackdown Live go head to head with each other? It should be a very competitive brand competition and it should be interesting what RAWs GM Kurt Angle and Smackdowns Commissioner and GM Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have in store to prove their brand dominance and have bragging rights to the opposing brand. You can watch this PPV exclusively on the WWE Network for just $9.99 a month or get a 1 month free trial. You can also go on The 434 Facebook page for news and results regarding the PPV.

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