The Miz is arguably the best heel in the company and is also arguably the best superstar ever to hold the mic today. At one time, he was the WWE Champion and was the main event of WrestleMania 27 vs John Cena. He defeated John Cena to retain his WWE Championship which was a very unpopular decision back then and probably still is as of today for some fans. Now, this was a huge push for The Miz back in 2011, but now he has been Intercontinental Champion several times (currently ranks 3rd longest Intercontinental title reign behind Pedro Morales and Dan Muraco). It’s not like Miz is ever jobbing these days. He has been doing an amazing job as a champion and heel, but does he deserve more than that? Should he be main event status?


There is a huge difference if you want to compare 2011 and 2017 Miz. Maybe it was too soon to push The Miz in 2011? Maybe it should have been a few years later? Well either way, a push like he had in 2011 is now appropriate for The Miz after he loses his Intercontinental title. It would probably be best if he gets his push early-mid 2018. The only way it needs to be very successful is if it doesn’t get pushed rushed. It’s something that Vince did with Roman Reigns in my opinion. It seemed like he was pushed down our throats way too fast which lead to one of the main reasons as to why many fans don’t like him. WWE shouldn’t do that with The Miz. They should get a couple of story lines to go on for him and have him build up from there before he becomes WWE or Universal champion. The fact of the matter is, he has been with the company for 11 years and he should have more opportunities to be in the main event scene by now.


The Miz did have a “Miztourage” with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Maryse was a part of it, but due to being pregnant with a baby girl, it’s safe to have her away from the ring since it’s always high risk of being hurt around ringside. Bo Dallas has been away from WWE due to an illness that he has. We have last seen Curtis Axel confronting The Shield backstage and that was the last time we saw him. He recently had a handicapped match at TLC when he faced Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Kurt Angle. He teamed up with Sheamus, Cesaro, Kane and Braun Strowman. His team lost the match at TLC. The Miz is now preparing to face Baron Corbin at Survivor Series and prove he is a better champion and asset to Monday Night RAW over Corbin on Smackdown Live. The Miz would love to beat one of Daniel Bryan’s superstars, considering those two do not see eye to eye.


I think it would be best if Miz continues on with what he is doing for the rest of the year. Around Royal Rumble season, he can be considered an under dog and win the Royal Rumble to main event WrestleMania. Nobody would expect him to win and I honestly think it would be well deserved after all of the hard work he has done throughout his career, especially since 2011 when he had that big push. So what is there to lose? Absolutely nothing. You get a guy who is a great heel, he’s very talented, great on the mic and is really good at drawing heat to the viewers and audience. Not to mention he is well known with all of the movies and TV show appearances he has made. This benefits Vince because he is all about money. Miz being champion would give him profit with tickets from fans that want to see him, more merchandise would be sold, and TV ratings will probably improve to. It’s a win-win situation. Us fans get to see what we would like and Vince makes profit.




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