WWE 2K17 was released last week for the Playstation 4, Xbox and PC, with a fall release scheduled for the new Nintendo Switch. Already, the game was received with mixed reviews, with some loving the new Career Mode, while others hating it. Today, we shall look at five WWE games that a majority of fans loved, some of which are still popular to play today!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in with number five.

5. WWE Day of Reckoning

Released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004, WWE Day of Reckoning offered superb graphics along with a decent story mode. One of the things that make WWE Day of Reckoning standout is its story mode wherein you can even join either Triple H’s Evolution in Smack Down or take Undertaker’s side when you join Raw, in the Ministry of Darkness. The final battle for the game was held at Wrestlemania XX for the championship in an Iron Man Match. The main issue with the game was its limited roster, with 40 characters, including divas and legends. Because of the game’s success, it had a sequel WWE Day of Reckoning 2.  

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