Despite consequences, Enzo Amore doesn’t seem to be afraid to ruffle a few feathers in his quest for glory. But, is his braggadocios persona an accurate showing of his real personality, or is it a ploy he maintains 24/7?

Since splitting from Big Cass the career of Enzo Amore has been a perplexing experience. From bad blood and embarrassing beat-downs to championship wins, his career is turning into a bi-polar mash of contrasting events. But none of this seems to bother him. In a video shared by TMZ this past week the self-proclaimed ‘certified G’ can be seen showing off his newly acquired cruiserweight championship, surrounded by friends, fans and paparazzi. When questioned by the cameras he offers his usually arrogant pitch and claims he is not phased by any backstage heat. But something struck me during his verbal tirade to the camera – could this all be part of an act? Yes, it has often been a smart stratagem by some superstars to incorporate real personality traits from their real life into their on-screen characters, as it becomes easier to make the character more believable and relatable, but those who claim to know Enzo say the man we see on screen is the real deal. I remain unconvinced. The similarities drawn between his TMZ interview and some of Conor McGregor’s work, for example, raised a few red flags for me. It’s entirely possible that Enzo’s success, despite apparently being universally hated backstage, is because it’s all part of a plan between himself and creative to create an Andy Kaufman like persona, in which he never breaks character, not even off screen. Dedication of this sort would surely convince some of his conviction to succeed in the WWE and would offer an explanation for his over the top behaviour away from WWE TV.

Then again, of course, Enzo could just be being himself and allowing his natural character to be the one to build the hype around him. If the man we see on screen really is the real Enzo, fair play to the man for not changing himself to please others around him.

There is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance and I’m not not entirely sure where Enzo Amore sits on that line. If this is an act, he’s earned an Oscar nomination. If he honestly is the ‘realest guy in the room’ I’d recommend toning it down just a bit to keep the right people happy. Although he is the cruiserweight champion, there are still those who believe his career with WWE is on thin ice. Time to play his cards right.

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