There is no doubt that Hulk Hogan is the most iconic figure in the wrestling industry today. He was taken off of the website and had his hall of fame status taken away by WWE while his court case was going on against Gawker. He eventually won the case and received millions of dollars after the case was dismissed. There was rumors floating around a lot that him and WWE were contacting each other about a potential return, but all of a sudden the rumors have died down and we haven’t heard much about them ever since. Should Hulk Hogan return to the WWE? If so, what role should he be apart of?


Honestly, the WWE is kind of doing Hogan dirty. His court case has been dismissed and Hogan still isn’t on WWE’s alumni section on their website and haven’t seen him on anything Hall of Fame related. Hogan make his debut in 1979 against Andre the Giant and won the match. Ever since he debuted, he has been huge in the wrestling industry and the “Hulkamaniacs” fan base has grown tremendously. He has had many memorable moments in his career with matches and WrestleMania moments. He was considered the top guy of WWF. He was a huge main event attraction and draw. The torch has been passed down to guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Then that torch has been passed down to John Cena and (arguably) Roman Reigns. Hogan was the kind of wrestler where he had that torch that needed to be passed down. You had to have that kind of wrestler who would be that attraction to the wrestling fan base that gets fans attention and makes a huge sell in merchandise.


Hogan was also one of the most controversial heels in wrestling history in his time in WCW where he was in the NWO with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. This was a huge shock to his fans and many lost interest in him. Some fans still liked him because he was still great as a heel also. Personally, I think Hogan was still great as a heel to. He was still very entertaining and looked good in black and white in my opinion. Hogan was the kind of guy where he can exceed in anything you throw at him. If you want him to be the top face, he did it, If you wanted him be the top heel, he did it. His last days in the NWO was when he lost a match against The Rock at WrestleMania and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumped Hogan, but of course The Rock came to save the day and helped Hogan out. After that, that became a babyface/face run for Hulk Hogan on and off up until the point he got elected into the WWE Hall of Fame for WrestleMania 21.


I think it would be best if WWE allows Hulk Hogan back, He has made wrestling to what it is today. He has been an inspiration to many wrestlers and fans to become a wrestler. Maybe he should (hopefully) host another WrestleMania or something like that. It’d be awesome if he makes surprise appearances here and there. Maybe for WWE 2k19 he could be on the cover? Either way, Hogan needs to be back in the picture with WWE. They need to put him back in the WWE Alumni section, Hall of Fame section and they need to start selling his merchandise again because it’s not like he was found guilty in anything at all.

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