Wouldn’t you want a dream match at Survivor Series, or possibly at WrestleMania? It probably wouldn’t happen, but this would be a brilliant idea and a dream match that nobody would have thought of. Both of these wrestlers are currently the GMs of shows RAW and Smackdown Live. Kurt Angle is the GM for RAW and Daniel Bryan is the GM for Smackdown Live. Since both of those two are having their brands competing against each other at Survivor Series, it would be a great idea if we have the battle of the GMs, a once in a life time match.


As you have recently have seen, Kurt Angle made his wrestling return in WWE for the first time in 11 years. It wasn’t exactly how many of us imagined it when he didn’t wear his original ring gear and came out to his entrance theme. Instead, he came out with The Shield wearing a shield outfit. He didn’t do as much when he used a chair a lot and did a couple suplexes and ankle locks before he got taken out of the match when Braun Strowman slammed him through a table. he eventually came back towards the end of the match with his theme song playing and angle slammed The Miz and got the pin fall win for his team. As for Daniel Bryan, he retired in 2016 due to his head/neck injuries that caused him seizures. WWE won’t let him wrestle, so instead he is being the GM for Smackdown Live.


Daniel Bryan has been wanting to come back to wrestle and he has been very truthful about it on his Twitter while he has been teasing us fans here and there. His wife, Bri Bella has mentioned before to that Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle again. I wouldn’t blame Daniel Bryan. He had to unexpectedly retire early and he was very emotional about it in the ring and backstage. Wrestling is a huge passion for Daniel Bryan and he has been trying for a very long time to wrestle again, but Vince McMahon won’t let him. Concussions and seizures are nothing to mess with, but if Daniel Bryan is really wanting to come back and risk putting his body on the line for something he loves, he is his own person but it’s understandable why Vince does not want to risk anything happening to him. ROH president has also said that once Daniel Bryan’s contract is up in WWE, he would be happy to sign Daniel Bryan and have him wrestle for the company.


Not only would it be awesome if they wrestled at Survivor Series, but it would be awesome of they wrestled at the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania to. These two PPVs would be appropriate for them to wrestle at, but lets say in scenario Vince would have them wrestle at WrestleMania because more people would show up to the event or tune in on the WWE Network. Mania needs a special match and Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle is the perfect match to have for the event. If you are a fan of technical wrestling, these two guys are perfect to have a match together. What do you guys think? Should these two have a match together some day? Tell us your thoughts.

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