Lets face it, TV14 is much better than PG programming ever since the attitude and ruthless aggression era’s came to an end. There is a huge difference of story lines that have been made compared to now and back then. Back then, there have been many personal story lines that were really messed up sometimes, yet it was still fake and the wrestlers went along with it because it’s scripted obviously. Now as of today, story lines are just no where near that. Not to mention there’s hardly ever any fake blood and any cussing. There’s just so many limitations that these wrestlers shouldn’t even have in the WWE.


Now I get that there are many kids that watch WWE television these days. I’ve heard and read so many scenarios where there was parents that were complaining with what their kids saw back in the day which is one of the reasons why it’s PG programming now. Honestly, wrestling should be “viewers discretion is advised,” if any parents allow their kids to watch wrestling. Also, have you heard people say that wrestling isn’t the way it use to be? It’s because of PG programming! The story lines are just different now compared to how it was back then (on top of the horrendous and inconsistent booking that has been going on in WWE). This could potentially be a huge positive attempt to bring back old school fans to watch wrestling because there’s many older people that don’t watch it anymore because of how wrestling is today.


Notice how all of the WWE PPVs have all pop and rap theme songs these days, like what’s up with that? I remember how every PPV had a rock/heavy rock theme songs which was pretty cool (not trying to sound biased, it is just my music preference). Even back in day Ozzie Osbourne and Saliva performed live on the shows. Now we get a lot of Flo Rida and all of these other hip hop/pop bands. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if fake blood was brought into matches as well. It brings in more of an entertaining and intense feeling into the match.


What are your guys thoughts about PG programming? Is it better than what you thought it would be or should WWE just get rid of it permanently? I honestly don’t see Vince doing this ever and also don’t see Triple H doing it once he gets full control of the company because it is just a profit kind of thing. If there’s a need of improvement in ratings, that’s one way to do it by bringing back TV14. Unfortunately, the only way you can enjoy TV14 programming and PPVs are on the WWE Network and Youtube, which ever you prefer.

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