Last week at TLC the WWE universe were treated to a pleasant surprise – in the wake of Bray Wyatt’s medical issues AJ Styles stepped in as the man to take on Finn Balor and the pair almost brought the house down.

Styles vs Balor was a dream match in every sense of the word – two stars who had exploded to global super stardom after finally making it to WWE, but were able to hone their craft through years of hard work on the independent circuit and other promotions. Despite receiving the same rating as the PPV’s main event in the eys of Dave Meltzer, there’s no question in anybody’s mind that this was the match of the night. Was it a classic? No, absolutely not. But, considering this was their very first meeting on WWE television they can be forgiven for that. Perfection often needs time and patience. But, it was an absolutely stunning match, excellently executed by two of the very best workers in the game today. Which begs the question: Considering the popularity this match had amongst fans, is the rematch heading to the show of shows? It would certainly make sense. Fans would, pretty much, be guaranteed a great showing from both men and the hype it might end up generating could be off the charts.

Having said that, reportedly the original plan was to have Styles vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania after their roar-inducing moment a couple of months ago. This match might now be in jeopardy. Or, perhaps a triple threat could now be in the mix?

Whatever ends up happening, when the fans begin to chant “This is awesome” before the match has even started, you know the brains over at WWE will at least be considering these two for a Mania spot.

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