Several WWE superstars, including former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, were struck with a case of what we now know to be the mumps several days ago. While we wish the affected performers a speedy recovery, here’s why WWE might want to hold off having Bray Wyatt return to the ring as quickly as possible.

Before Bray Wyatt was diagnosed with the mumps, along with Bo Dallas and Roman Reigns, he was due to take part in a ‘Sister Abigail vs The Demon’ match against Finn Balor at the TLC PPV. It’s no secret that this feud had not been well received over it’s course, with many seeing the majority of in-ring action between the two as mediocre at best despite the tremendous talent involved, but this angle was particularly frowned upon in the eyes of many fans and probably wouldn’t have gone down well on the night either. So, perhaps this unfortunate turn of events was actually a blessing in disguise. Not for the fans, but for Bray Wyatt. Since arriving in the WWE he has been trying ever so hard to establish himself as the ‘New face of fear.’ Sadly, however, due to some less than exciting matches and TERRIBLE booking decisions (you know what I’m talking about) his hype and his popularity have steadily been on the decline as of late. While Bray will be keen, I’m sure, to return to the squared circle as soon as possible, I believe it would be the best course of action for WWE to hold off until they have figured out a legitimately impactful way for him to make his return.

Countless fans were heartbroken at the sight of Wyatt losing his WWE title against Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33 after having worked so hard to finally reach the top of the mountain. In my eyes, his persona could have made him a champion with considerable likeability and longevity, which is why it was such a shame to see him drop the belt in such a short space of time.

Wyatt remains one of the most intriguing performers in WWE. The identity he has developed since landing on mainstream WWE programming perhaps reached it’s creative pinnacle some years ago, but I still believe Wyatt has more left in the tank not just as a performer, but as a character. If WWE care enough about him, when they eventually allow him to return, they’ll do it right. Maybe after the Wrestlemania injustice, a good showing in the Royal Rumble (or maybe even a win) would make up for lost time and opportunities.

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